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25 May 2018

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25 May 2018

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22 May 2018

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18 May 2018

9th international art fair ArtVilnius'18 to showcase enticing Baltic art scene

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Friday 11.07.2014

Manifiesto | Ernesto Bautista at Ex Teresa Modern Art

Dialogues, 2010. Ernesto Bautista ©.

Manifiesto | Ernesto Bautista
ExTeresa Modern Art


Exhitibion open from July 16 to Sep 7 Wednesday. 19:30 hours Free admission.

Sandra Sandoval Flores

Ex Teresa Modern Art
Licenciado Verdad 8, Centro Historico.
Mexico D.F.

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The National Institute of Fine Arts presents MANIFIESTO, in Ex Teresa Modern Art, first solo exhibition of Ernesto Bautista (El Salvador, 1987) in Mexico, which delves into the concepts of social memory, privacy, individualism and personal space. The exhibition will be inaugurated on Wednesday, July 16 at 19:30 and will run until September 7, 2014.

Curated by Edith Medina, integrates this project five installations in diverses formats, three of which are unpublished and made expressly for Ex Teresa Modern Art. 'Oratory' (2014), 'Minor Constellations' (2014), 'Collective Imaginary' (2014) and 'Habeas Corpus' (2013) and 'Dialogues' (2010).

Works that goes deep among the internal spaces and the perception of forgetfulness. 'Each one has certain spiritual dialogue face the protagonist that in the end is the viewer, the visitor, for example, Oratorio goes about certain religious thought that at the same time is not about chiristianist religiosity, but directly with this need of feel through the will of achieve something bigger', said Bautista.

Also, the artist explains that Dialogues (presented in 2010 at Ex Teresa Modern Art as part of the exhibition Broken, Intimate Reflections) discusses vestiges of stock situations and remanences.

'Manifesto is a declaration of thoughts, a lot of things that I think people can also identify, is not necessarily a highly political issue, but rather it is a manifest of existence, a declaration of thought, early, is a desire that I share.' said Bautista.

The curator explained that it is an exhibition that is activated when the viewer is reflected the comment of the artist. 'Ernesto joins topics ranging from the intimate, from the personal, but also have certain political opinions, without necessarily falling into the political. Manifesto is also a need to generate a series of speeches around a series of specific works for Ex Teresa''.

Bautista pointed that his work seeks to generate images in the viewer by using contextual signs easy to process at the same time become a principle of reading.

'There is also a reference in terms of my own context, like it or not, I am part of a representation in my context, much of my work has to do with the relationship with the people around me, with the same situation in which it operates as the constellations from the shooting, as the need to feel something from religion.' he said.

Ernesto Bautista (El Salvador, 1987). Recently Shangyuan Art Museum Residency Program. Beijing, China. Participated in 'X', Museum of Art of El Salvador and Gallery Ernst Hilger. Vienna, Austria. VII Biennial of Visual Arts of the Central American Isthmus; Broken, Reflejos Intimos, ExTeresa Art Museum, Mexico City; The Voice That Reaches You 2, Kansas, Missouri, EU; Memento Mori, [e]star Gallery, Lima, Peru. Has been nominated two times for the grant of the Cisneros Fountanals Art Foundation and the Paul Klee Summer Akademie by the Paul Klee Foundation on Switzerland. Publications on Contemporary Languages of Central America by Luisa Fuentes Guaza. Editorial Turner.

Edith Medina (México City, 1979). Researcher, curator and artist, her work explores the fields of the body related to art, science, biology and technology. She specializes in the discipline of bio-art (biotechnology and art) and the human-machine in the context of social technologies in Latin America relationship. She also conducts research about the body, its relationship with the media and technoscience art in the international arena.

Her curatorship have involved artists such as Stelarc, Paul Vanouse, Lorena Wolffer, Arcangel Constantini, Morgan O'Hara among others, has taught courses on art and new technologies, as well as art and biology in Mexico and Latin America. Mexico is a pioneer in the treatment of topics related to art and biotechnology. She is currently Founder and Coordinator Expanding Regions: Platform for Research and Education in Arts, Science and Culture Digital.