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Thursday 10.07.2014

The Second International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Argentina

Call for artists
Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo


3 - 10 October 2014 Apply until August 10, 2014


Centro Cultural Borges
Viamonte 525 (C1053ABK)
Buenos Aires

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The Second International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Argentina invites national and international artists to register before August 10.

Artists from all disciplines are invited to exhibit their works at the Centro Cultural Borges from 3 to 10 October this year.
Register before August 10.

An international jury will integrate the Biennial: Professor Gregorio Luque, art historian; artist Vito Campanella; the Americanist Ponciano Cardenas; Gyula Kosice; Director of the Biennale, Ms. Maria Elena Beneito.

The Biennial aims at promoting national and international art, establishing relationships between artists worldwide in order to share new techniques, promoting the opening of new markets, and encouraging the opening of borders in the search of improving individual achievements.

The First International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Argentina, held in 2012 at the Borges Cultural Centre, was attended by 150 artists from 19 countries (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela, USA, Cuba, Colombia, Dominican Republic, China, Spain, Italy, Egypt, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Belgium and Ukraine).

More information or via email to

Organizers: Ms. Maria Elena Beneito
Director of the  International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Argentina, Art Professor and Critic – Degree in Journalism, Post Graduate studies in Art Critic and Complex Texts,Editor of the Argentine Art Yearbook with International Artists,
President of the Association for the Development and Protection of Artistic Values
Argentine Committee, International Association of Art (in partnership with UNESCO),
Vice President of World Art Games (WAG), Argentine Branch

Buenos Aires, June 2014. -