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23 Sep 2020

Launch of New Online Format Online Courses on Contemporary Curating

Design: Marie-Anne Mohanna

Online Courses on Contemporary Curating
Postgraduate Programme in Curating


Online courses starting in October 2020 Each course on two consecutive Saturdays, 2–6 pm CET 1 ECTS point, and a Certificate of Completion Center of Continuing Education at the Zurich University of the Arts

Ronald Kolb

Zurich University of the Arts
Pfingstweidstrasse 96

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Please find detailed information for all courses here:

The newly established Online Courses on Contemporary Curating provide in-depth insights into specific areas of knowledge in curating; they are aimed at all those in contact with cultural, curatorial, and artistic interventions wishing to intensify and expand their understanding of culture, its role in society, and its capacity for change. The courses are designed to foster a more comprehensive understanding of culture, art, and curating and to seek to expand the boundaries of art. All course lecturers are highly engaged and active in their respective fields. You can learn more about them in each course description.

We believe in a learning environment that empowers the participants. Besides the knowledgeable contributions by the lecturers, the courses will at certain points enable a workshop-like format that aims to be a space of encounter and open discussion, where direct engagement with the lecturer and other participants is possible and welcome.

Each Online Course is set on two consecutive Saturdays, 2–6 pm CET. The courses will be held live via Zoom and will contain substantial input by the lecturers, workshop formats in groups and/or individually, discussions, and feedback and evaluation. Each Online Course will be credited with 1 ECTS point, and a Certificate of Completion will be conferred. The courses will be conducted by the Center of Continuing Education at the Zurich University of the Arts.

Online courses starting in October 2020.
Offered by the Postgraduate Programme in Curating, Continuing Education, ZHdK in affiliation with the online publication, and the PhD in Practice in Curating programme.
Head of the programme: Prof. Dr. Dorothee Richter

Courses on offer:

The Emancipated Audience – Experiential Curatorial Knowledge Production
Lecturer: Berit Fischer, PhD
Course dates: 10 Oct + 17 Oct 2020, each 2–6pm (CEST)

Resisting Biennialisation: Making and Sustaining Art Platforms in the Digital Age
Course leader: Shwetal A. Patel
Course dates: 24 Oct, 2–6pm (CEST) + 31 Oct 2020, 2–6pm (CET)

The Three P's: Participatory, Performative, and Political Practices
Course leader: Maayan Sheleff
Course dates: 8 Nov + 15 Nov 2020, each 2–6pm (CET)

Curating Performance and Performativity as Curatorial Method
Course leader: Sarah Spies, PhD
Course dates: 5 Dec + 12 Dec 2020, each 2–6pm (CET)

Curating and Law
Lecturer: Martin Fritz
Course dates: 9 Jan + 16 Jan 2021, each 2–6pm (CET)

Practical Strategies for Founding an Off-Space
Lecturer: Ella Krivanek
Course dates: 23 Jan + 30 Jan 2021, each 2–6pm (CET)

Contradictions of Capital, Curating, and Care
Lecturer: Sascia Bailer
6 Feb + 13 Feb 2021, each 2–6pm (CET)

Curating and Money
Lecturer: Martin Fritz
20 Feb + 27 Feb 2021, 2–6pm CET

Environmental Thinking in Artistic and Curatorial Practices
Lecturer: Emanuele Guidi
Course dates: 6 March + 13 March 2021, 2–6pm CET

Ethics of Care in Curating
Lecturer: Elke Krasny
Course dates: 20 March + 27 March 2021, 2–6pm (CET)

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