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19 Apr 2019

Call for applications: Curating on the Move—Venice Edition 2019

Small Project for Coming Communities at Oncurating space, 2019. Photo: Francesca Ceccerini.

Curating on the Move—Venice edition 2019
CAS/MAS Curating, ZHdK


International curatorial workshop Curating on the Move—Venice Biennale 2019 17–21 June 2019 Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi

Dorothee Richter

Zurich University of the Arts
Pfingstweidstrasse 96
8005 Zurich

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Call for applications
International Curatorial Workshop:
Curating on the Move – Venice Edition 2019

Application deadline: May 15, 2019

Date: 17–21 June 2019
Venue: Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi, Dorsoduro

Organised by Postgraduate Programme in Curating, ZHdK
(Dorothee Richter & Ronald Kolb)

In collaboration with
the Postgraduate Programme in Curating, ZHdK,
the publication platform,
and the PhD in Practice in Curating, Practice-Based Doctoral Programme, University of Reading

This workshop is part of the Shared Campus Initiative.

Postgraduate Programme in Curating CAS / MAS

Quick Overview
– International Curatorial Workshop for curators, artists, practioners and researchers for 5 days in Venice
– daily talks by artists, and curators
– Own outcomes/presentations may be displayed, as a written contribution for an Issue (, or in an artistic form for Small Projects for Coming Communities

International curatorial workshop: Curating on the Move—Venice Biennale 2019
Through the work of freelance curators, artists, and cultural producers both inside and outside of institutions, curating has positioned itself worldwide as a powerful agent in social transformation processes, as it has increased the awareness and understanding of social situations and demands, of conflicts and negotiations.

For contemporary artists, curators, designers, and researchers transculturality has become an experiential context to which they are inevitably exposed, even if they are trained in relatively closed cultural spaces. It is a matter of course for contemporary artistic practices to absorb and move in a variety of cultural spheres. They must negotiate different political, social, economic and cultural systems. This elicits new questions of reflexivity in artistic processes and calls for a change of techniques and methods.

Not only is professional expertise required, but so is the ability to understand and negotiate the diversity of global cultures and societies. Curators, artists, and designers can take on the role of agents who constantly observe, reflect on, distinguish and position themselves in dynamic and conflictual environments. They do so despite frictions and tensions, or better yet, they do so to give frictions and tensions a platform to be discussed. And they demand that things be made visible and are mediated and produced. They also call for precise action.

We aim to raise critical awareness of the ambiguities, uncertainties or paradoxes of a post-globalized world in terms of cultural and historical differences. This objective includes a critical understanding of the current situation and of the existing conflicts.

For this workshop, we will look into the theme of the 2019 Venice Biennale 'May You Live in Interesting Times' and the history of the Venice Biennale and its place in a globalized art world. (See our publication Oncurating issue 'Draft: Global Biennial Survey 2018.'

The focus of the workshop lies in concepts of communities, and how they may be influenced by artistic practice, artists and their art works. We will further develop on our research and display project Small Project for Coming Communities.

The workshop is aimed at students and graduates alike. No exam is required. Please register for the workshop through the online form and find more information here.
If you have further question, please don't hesitate and get in contact with Dorothee Richter: