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23 Mar 2017

CROSS International Performance award - III edition

CROSS International Performance award - III edition
Lis Lab performing art


22 april 2017 - Deadline 20 may 2017 - selection 25 june 2017 - start of residency 1 july 2017 - end of residency

Manuel Morisetti

Lis Lab performing art
Via Canton Sopra 2

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CROSSaward 2017 – III edition

LIS Lab Performing Arts – in collaboration with the Municipality of Verbania and with the support of the Regione Piemonte, Fondazione Cariplo , Compagnia di San Paolo , Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo, Fondazione CRT and Municipality of Cannobio – announces the third edition of the 'International CROSS award' for artists and companies in the field of performing arts and music, with particular attention to productions focused on the close interaction between musical composition and action on stage.


The award aims to promote research, investigation and artistic expressions related to the combination of different styles and genres, considering multi-language practices and the mix of techniques and codes pertaining to the various performing arts as reward factors.
The goal of the competition is to identify new productions -thoroughly unpublished- that put in dialogue the language of the body and of the stage performance with musical composition, without any restrictions or constraints of kind, category or practice.


The call is open to individual artists, professionals and companies. The project must be submitted as a production that can be developed during the different phases of the residency and it should include the most diverse expressive practices (as such: dance, music composition and interpretation, DJ-set, live soundtrack, composition of a soundtrack, activity of noise music, theatre, body performance, singing, new technologies, video art, motion-capture, readings, site-specific design).
Each participant can present only one project. To be considered for the award, must be presented only unpublished projects – therefore debut works – that need to be carried out during the first period of the artistic residency. The award is open to all groups, companies, collective and individual artists, both national and international, with at least 3 years of production demonstrated by curriculum vitae.


Participation to CROSSaward competition is free and is completed by the registration of the on-line form and the full acceptance of this regulation. The registration form must be completed and signed on website (in section 'Application'), specifying the following information and inserting the following documents:
• Project title
• In the appropriate sections enter personal details of the contact person of the project and the other members of the group / collective / company who will take part in the project and in the residency (specifying the role played by the members of the group).
• Contact details of the contact person (address, phone number, e-mail)
• Audio tracks – enter author and title for both unpublished original compositions and music already covered by copyright. If not present, indicate 'not present'.
• Curriculum vitae of the single participant or the proposer company;
• Portfolio with a selection of the works made by the artist / company. Insert the link of any audio-visual material in the appropriate section of the online-form. Videos must be content on external source (vimeo, youtube or other channels) and must be reported any access to the platforms credentials. The file should not exceed 10 MB in size;
• Description of the project to be presented may be integrated with images, sketches and other material considered important for the explanation of the work presented. (4000 characters – excluding spacing in .pdf format). Admitted languages: Italian and English. The file must not exceed 10 MB in size.
Applications must be submitted no later than 23.59 on 22 April 2017. Applications that arrive after this deadline will not be accepted.
Evaluating the feasibility of the project performance within the constraints (economic and logistical) expressed in this announcement shall be borne by the artist / company. For additional information about available equipment and spaces, or other information you can write to


Relevance to the Award is the main principle for the selection of the three finalists. Participants must submit a project concerning the relevant topic defined in paragraph 'Theme'. The selection criteria will take into account the following parameters:
• Use of sound and music (soundtracks recorded or live musical performances);
• Originality of the project;
• Use of different languages, art practices and media.
The projects will be realized in the spaces identified by the organization.
Only new projects will be taken into account. Production proposals must consider the research area in which the competition develops, that is, the virtuous relationship and synergy between the compositional and expressive musical practices and the act of performing on stage.
The selected projects will be developed during the residency in Verbania and Cannobbio from the 25th of June to the 1st of July 2017. The work carried out will be presented to the jury on 1st of July 2017, at the facilities of theatre 'Il Maggiore' in Verbania and at the Teatro Nuovo, in Cannobio.
The companies must submit an extract of the duration of no less than 20′ and no more than 30′.


The selection of the four projects that progress to the residence is carried out by the organization of the award. The CROSS project involves two separate juries: the first consists of a group of experts (critics, artists, curators, designers) whose names will soon be announced on the website, while the second is a local jury and consists by a group of onlookers and fans who have played a training path and approach to the language of the performance as part of a wider project CROSS, supported by Fondazione Cariplo and Compagnia di San Paolo.
The EXPERT JURY will select the three finalists; the fourth finalist will be selected instead by the LOCAL JURY and this project, in addition to access to the final stage, will receive a special mention 'Premio Città di Verbania.'(Municipality of Verbania's Award).
During the public presentation of the 4 finalists on July 1, 2017, each member of the jury of experts and a representative of the local jury will give a single vote for each performance proposed and will be so determined the winner of the Prize CROSSaward. The decisions of the juries are final.


The four selected projects will be notified both on the site ,as well as it will be sent an e-mail to all participants of the competition on the day May 20, 2017.


The phase of residence is held in Verbania and Cannobio from 25th June to 1st July 2017. For more information about the spaces you can contact the e-mail address:
During the period of residency the organization will cover the costs of accommodation and board for the entire period indicated.
A fee of 200 euro is expected to be used as travel reimbursement or to cover part of the costs of production during the residency. In addition, technical staff of the Festival 'Villaggio d'Artista' will be available to assist.


The performance produced during the period of residency will be presented to the public and the jury of experts in the areas of the residency in Verbania and Cannobio – the day July 1, 2017 within the program of the Festival 'Villaggio d'artista'. After the presentation of the four projects, the jury will announce the winner of the third edition of CROSS award. The winning project will receive a prize of € 4,000.00 to support their production.
The winning project will be presented within the programming of ' Lavanderia a Vapore' in Collegno (TO) in collaboration with the Circuito Piemonte dal Vivo Live, by the end of 2017.