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31 Jan 2017

Call for applications - Zukunftsvisionen2017

Zukunftsvisionen2017 - illusionen.verfallen
Zukunftsvisionen2017 Festival for Contemporary Art


Call for applications 15th January - 28th February 2017 Exhibition 20th May - 27th May 2017 in Görlitz, Germany Call for applications:

Maike Wagner

Second Attempt e. V. || c/o Zukunftsvisionen
Bautzener Str. 32
02826 Görlitz

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The „ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN2016 – Festival for Contemporary Art' is looking for artists!

Since 2007 the ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN Festival exists at the German- Polish border in Görlitz, which is organized by a team of volunteers with much commitment, creativity and courage year by year. As it should make aware of abandoned property, it takes place in changing abandoned locations within the city. It offers a platform to regional, national and international artists of contemporary art. The call for applications is addressed not only to well-known artist but also the ones with less experience, who are still at the beginning of their creative career. With this as the basis, we want to offer our guests a diverse exhibition of high quality. During the whole festival week, the exhibition is accompanied by a diverse supporting program.

The festival week of 2017 bears the title illusionen.verfallen.

Illusions as the perception of the unreal, as the creation of visions and dreams. They can be wonderful and frightening, which makes the illusion become a delusion. Illusions can be shields, a welcome safe haven, a seemingly easy solution in times of societal upheavals, when easy solutions become rare. Especially in a historic city like Görlitz illusions are an occasion for the question: What is still real, what became an illusion? An indulgence and daydreaming about bygone times.

The german word 'Verfallen' can be understood as being addicted to something as well as ruinous.

When illusionen.verfallen it can be frightening, fascinating and shocking, because reality is rarely easy, never only black or white. Light and shadow adjoin to each other and often the reality is more ambivalent and eclectic than you could imagine.

Simultaneously the disillusionment is often the only way to see the world with open eyes and to be finally ready to welcome reality with open arms. Only this makes changes possible and we get the great chance to build a new world, to create new ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN, more real, more terrible and more fantastic than ever.

Further information is available on the website

* Closing date for applications: 28th February 2017

* Exhibition: 20th - 27th May 2017