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07 Sep 2016

International Open Call for Artists: PyeongChang Biennale 2017, South Korea

International Open Call for Artists / PyeongChang Biennale 2017, South Korea
PyeongChang Biennale Organizing Committee


Emerging or established visual artist (or group) in any media and genre who are not Korean nationals October 2, 2016 11:59PM EST (Chief Curator Myungji Chu) International Open Call for Artists_PyeongChang Biennale 2017

MJ Chu
82 33 243 0786

PyeongChang Biennale Organizing Committee
DongMyong Build. 24, Umuk-gil 52beon-gil,
(200-943) Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
South Korea

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International Open Call for Artists
PyeongChang Biennale 2017

We look forward to discovering international emerging artists through this open call.

Emerging or established visual artist (or group) in any media and genre who are not Korean nationals are eligible to apply. Media artists will be placed in a different exhibition space after consultation with the curatorial team.

Application Deadline:

October 2, 2016 11:59PM EST

Subject to availability, consisting of partial support of artwork production and transportation cost.

How to Apply:
Please submit all documents in a single PDF and include all the supporting materials (reviews, project descriptions where applicable) to indicating 'LastName_FirstName' in the subject line.

Submission Documents:
• Application form ( → click the button 'International Artists Open Call' on the website → download the form → please fill in the form)
• Portfolio (Free form with artist statement and cv)
• For video work, please send a copy of video file or share the direct link(s)

Selection and Notification:
The selection committee reviews applications based on quality, relation to the theme of the exhibition and artistic merit. The schedule is subject to change.

Additional Information:
• The final entry work of selected artists will be decided after consultation with the artistic director.
• Submitted documents will not be returned and can be used as archives for the special show which will be held in 2018 at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.
• Inquiry: (Chief Curator Myungji Chu)

Introduction to the Biennale

• Title: The Five Moons: Return of the Nameless and Unknown
• Exhibition Date: February 10, 2017 - March 9, 2017 (The schedule is subject to change.)
• Venue: Gangneung Green City Experience Center (E-Zen), Gangneung, South Korea
• Artistic Director: Seong-Youn Kim
• Participating artists: Approximately 50 international and domestic contemporary artists.
• Host: Gangwon-do Province
• Supervise: PyeongChang Biennale Organizing Committee
• Support: The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Gangwon Provincial Council

The Five Moons: Return of the Nameless and Unknown is the main exhibition of PyeongChang Biennale 2017. This exhibition is initiated under the National Special Act for the promotion of a culturally enriched Olympics. The Biennale will be structured as follows: the main exhibition, four special exhibitions, three related programs, and a special international contemporary exhibition that will open during the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games of 2018.

The Five Moons: Return of the Nameless and Unknown explores private and micro-historical perspectives in context of contemporary art. This exhibition will pursue art in everyday life and intervention through experimental approaches that will transform ordinary space and incorporate programs to invite the general public.

The five moons represent a moon in the sky, on the lake, on the sea, on the wine glass, and in one's eyes. This is a well-known phrase that has been handed down by tradition to represent the historic site Gyeongpodae in Gangneung, the holding city of PyeongChang Biennale.

Microscopic, nature, the nameless, the unknown, anonymity, the opposite views on spectacle, spectatorship, microscopic and synesthetic approach toward nature and environment, opposite-perspective on mainstream or meta-discourse, individual lives and the usualness record of daily life, desire and reality of the era, prospect of the future