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02 Sep 2016

Société d'art et d'histoire de Beauport: Call for submission Origins and Metamorphosis


Origins and Metamorphosis
Société d'art et d'histoire de Beauport


commemorate the 150th anniversary of Canada May to October 2017

Anne-Yvonne Jouan
1 (418) 641-6471

Société d'art et d'histoire de Beauport
583 avenue Royale CP 57 033
G1E 7G3 Québec City (Québec)

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Origins and Metamorphosis

Call for submissions to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Canadian

The Société d'art et d'histoire de Beauport (SAHB) is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of art, history and heritage of Beauport (Québec city). It features artistic and cultural events for the local and touristic community.

The objective of SAHB is to establish a link and a dialogue between history, patrimony and artistic creation. To achieve its purpose the SAHB invites artists and artisans to come and fill the space of its two historical houses with emotion, poetry and beauty. At the Maison Girardin, the visitors are encouraged to question their relationship to history and their personal and collective heritage. This dialogue continues at the Maison Tessier-Dit-Laplante, where artists are encouraged to fill the place wilt their creativity.

The CANADA 150 Project

Origins and Metamorphosis

The artists who will participate in the activities of the Société d'art et d'histoire de Beauport between May and October 2017 will be selected on their capacity to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation.

By using heritage and mnemonic notions, they must illustrate a very personal vision about the history of Canada as a land of welcome. They will be invited to highlight the existent links between the home country and Canada, their adopted country.

Each artistic intervention must be the object of a deep reflection about historic sites, such as the Maison Girardin and the Maison Tessier-dit-Laplante. Those reflections must consider the history, architecture and environment of these sites where the projects must be presented with respect and originality.

The artists will intervene successively one after the other in either one of the two houses, during a maximal time of 2 weeks between May 19th to June 2nd 2017. Pieces of art and/or installations are going to be presented until October 1st. The SAHB wishes to consider all submissions of the creators, regardless of their province and mother tongue. It will facilitate their immersion in the local life and will make every effort to allow them to develop special relationships with the inhabitants living in the area of Quebec City. The submissions of new canadian artists and artisans will be examined in priority.

Selection criteria:

• Being a professional artist or artisan, or a graduate student from a visual art school or an arts and craft institution
• Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status at least 1 year of residency in Canada

The submissions will be judged on:

• The overall quality of the artist's production
• The relevance of proposals in relation to the historic place and the theme of the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation
• The technical realisation of the project

Submissions contents:

• Artistic approach
• Biography
• Curriculum vitae and press release
• Project description (500 words maximum)
• A maximum of 10 pictures from recent works (300 dpi)
• Descriptive list of visual (title, work year, dimensions, technics and materials)
• A picture of the artist

Conditions offered:

• Exhibition right 1 621 $
• Exhibition materials 1 000 $ limit
• Technical assistance for installation
• Travel and accommodation for the period of the assembly, May 19th to June 2nd
• Publicity / promotion / opening event

The records must be transmitted by mail before September 30th of 2016, 5 P.M. (use a Dropbox shared with or send an USB key to Société d'art et d'histoire de Beauport (583 Royale Avenue, CP 57 033, Quebec City, G1E 7G3). An acknowledgement of receipt will be transmitted and an answer will be emailed before October 31th of 2016. Participating artists will be required to contribute to the collection of SAHB an example of their work.