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06 Sep 2016

22 Collectiv - a Global Collaboration of Artists

Malcolm Cochrane |

strictly limited art | 22 unique copies only


Baldvin Ringsted

150 Erradale street
United Kingdom

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Taking a cue from a traditional design house, the artists of 22 Collectiv work to make beautifully designed collections of art.

We make full use of the freedom and experimentation that comes with collaborative practice, whilst adhering to the highest quality and production standards.
We come together as a group, sacrificing individual artist identies and egos, with the aim of creating something bigger. Pooling ideas and creative energy, while at the same time holding ourselves to stringent standards of quality; nothing passes the collective filtering processes unchallenged

- the „22 Collectiv' monicker is to be a guarantee of quality.

College friends from the edge of the arctic circle put their heads together

„Some twenty+ years ago, back in our native Iceland, me and Baldvin were brought together by a shared love of rock music. When you started college, you'd look around the class room and if you'd spot anyone else trying to grow their hair and wearing a band t-shirt, this would be some common ground to explore.' Explains Kristján Már. Together the two dreamed up and fleshed out the idea of the collective.

He goes on to explain: „Most ideas come and go without leaving much behind. That doesn't stop new ones coming and this one stuck with us and also really resonated with friends and colleagues which we ran it past. Baldvin is based in Glasgow and has been involved in the art world there for over a decade, while I come at things from a background in media and online marketing. In making an online platform for displaying and selling art, we really felt we had a project were we could both add value on different levels. I don't think we're revolutionizing the art world, more trying to add a twist and new opportunities, for both artists and art lovers.'

Besides the focus on collective collaboration and quality, 22c also wants to steer clear of mass production of art. Each piece released comes in unique and highly limited editions – each piece of art is limited to 20 numbered editions and 2 artists' proofs.

In brief:

• An opportunity for break out of the limitations of the gallery market, enabling greater accessibility for collectors and a more direct relationship with artists.
• Artists working collectively, sharing skills and ideas to produce high quality artworks within a 'house' ethos.
• Collective production allows for greater experimentation for artist members, providing a diversity from the constraints of their own established practices.
• Established artists and respected fabricators work together to maintain the 22Collectiv stamp of quality.
• Artists from all over the world are invited to collaborate on 22Collectiv editions, transcending borders, and opening up to new audiences.
• Consistent, yet limited output of carefully selected artworks, produced exclusively for the 22Collectiv online community.
• Each artwork comes complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

To finance the production the full range of the line of works which have been put together to mark the launch of the collective, a crowdunding campaign is being launched via on August 29th 2016.

Furthermore, if successful the members foresee using the funds generated to build and maintain a strong online presence, establish an office and most importantly give artists greater exposure for their art and opportunity to sell through a strong community.