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10 Aug 2016

Deadline extended! Vessel announces 2016 International Curatorial Workshop - Call for Applications

Vessel Curatorial Residency 2013 - ph. by Nicoletta Daldanise

2016 International Curatorial Workshop
Vessel Art Project


ICW 2016 September 22 – 25, 2016 Deadline: 20 August 2016

Anna Santomauro

Vessel Art Project
Masseria Sant'Agapito
Lucera (Foggia)

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Vessel is pleased to announce the 2016 International Curatorial Workshop, which will take place September 22 – 25 in and around Capitanata, Italy.

After the last edition of Vessel's ICW, developed in collaboration with the Curatorial Practice Program at MADA (Monash Art Design and Architecture) and dedicated to art writing, ICW 2016 reflects upon the rural as a context for the activation of informal learning and research processes through the lens of artistic and curatorial practice.

ICW 2016 aims to produce alternative definitions of the relationship between art and the rural by embracing the social, political and economic dimension of Capitanata – the area where the workshop takes place. Far from representing the rural identity of this territory through a nostalgic approach and through the myth of an exotic slow life, ICW is going to enhance the complexity of this territory and of its histories – from the impact of the fascist territorial plans that have deeply modified the configuration of the area to the new migrant communities that are currently inhabiting it – by activating a dialogue between a multiplicity of viewpoints. Together with the participants and the tutors of ICW as well as some local agents we will discuss and test a number of methodologies (in particular Participatory Action Research) in order to investigate the area and define possible strategies of cooperative cultural action.

The workshop will gather together up to 15 international curators, Vessel and some of the most active local citizens. This short course will be comprised of workshops, seminars, open dialogues, presentations and free space for individual and collective reflection immersed in the context of Capitanata.

ICW will be led by tutors Sanne Oorthuizen and Nuno Sacramento, alongside Vessel curatorial team.

Additional information about the structure and objectives of the International Curatorial Workshop, as well as instructions for applying, may be found here

The participation in the International Curatorial Workshop is subject to a payment of 350 €. The amount will cover all the expenses for meals and residency including a shared room at Masseria Sant'Agapito and 2017 vessel's membership. Selected applicants will be responsible for travel from their place of residence to Vessel as well as the return trip. The workshop itself is offered free of charge.