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27 May 2016

Luís Paulo Costa at Leal Rios Foundation, Lisboa

Luís Paulo Costa, Sem título (depois da quarta), 2003 (detail) © Luís Paulo Costa Leal Rios Foundation Photography: João Biscainho.

Part Two: One and Other
Leal Rios Foundation


Exhibition Opening:
May 27, 10 p.m
Exhibition Length:
from May 28 2016 until October 1 2016
Opening Hours:
from Thursdays to Saturdays from 2:30 p.m. — 6:30 p.m. (free entrance)

João Biscainho
00351 210 998 623

Leal Rios Foundation
Rua do Centro Cultural, 17-B
1700-106, Lisboa

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'Ideas do not necessarily proceed in logical order. They may set off in unexpected directions, but an idea must necessarily be completed in the mind before the next one is formed. 1

As one thing closes, another opens: One and Other takes the place of One Another.
The fourth principle of Hermeticism, the 'Principle of Polarity' tells us that 'everything is dual; everything has an opposite, and opposites are identical in nature but different in degree'.
The second part of the exhibition is the opposite of the first, but it is also the same.
The first part of the exhibition is superseded by the second, but it remains fresh in our minds, in the manner of a palimpsest whose surface, once wiped and inscribed anew, bears the now invisible accretion of all previous writings.
To maintain a sense of continuity from one chapter, from one part of the exhibition to another, is to be expected, Costa's insistence on literal repetition is not. It is as if the artist, having introduced the audience to the principles of his work in One Another, he begins by doing so again in One and Other.'

- In 'Part Two: One and Other', Nicolas de Oliveira and Nicola Oxley

1 Sol LeWitt, Sentences on Conceptual Art, in: In the Holocene, João Ribas (ed.), MIT List Visual Arts Center, Sternberg Press, Berlin, 2014, p. 256.