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12 May 2016

An international selection of artists for La Littorale #6

La Littorale #6 – Anglet Bask Coast International contemporary art biennal

Artists of La Littorale #6 – Part 1
La Littorale #6 Anglet Bask Coast International contemporary art biennal


Opening: Friday, 26th August 2016 26th August – 2 November 2016 Curator: Paul Ardenne

Press contact: Sylvia Beder
+33 1 42 18 09 42

Anglet (France)

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An international selection of artists:
Art nOmad (France), Conrad Bakker (United States),  Benedetto Bufalino (France),  Shaun Gladwell (Australia), Joanna Malinovska - CT Jasper (Poland/ United States, Andrea Mastrovito (Italy), Robert Montgomery (Great Britain), Rachel Labastie (France), Fabrice Langlade (France), Lucy & Jorge Orta (Argentina/Great Britain/France), Laurent Perbos (France), Kemal Tufan (Turkey)


From 26th August to 2nd November 2016, La Littorale #6 offers a journey through monumental works created by artists of several different nationalities, among them…
Art nOmad
(France) offers, within the context of a residency, participatory workshops which pay tribute to La Chambre d’Amour cave’s legends. It is about encouraging people to create personnal items « generously migratory », sorts of profane ex-voto, and hang them on a human heart shape structure installed in front of La Chambre d’Amour cave’s. The aim, through the realization of such a structure, is to manage to give flesh to a space for meetings and interactions (between different active visitors, diverse disparately assembled objects and many colourful productions). This space will be devoted to evolving imaginary devotion and celebrating collective and blissful creativity. This creative interaction will be at the same time living and sensitive, changing and sprawling and finally balanced and harmonious in its diversity.
Conrad Bakker (United States) belongs tacitly and mischievously to our era, often described as the era of the proliferating objects, a consumerist and crazy productivist time in which the industrial society bathes western peoples as well as, now, the global human. In the Izadia Park Conrad Bakker presents the Façade installation, a cabin made from plywood inspired by those built with his own hands in Walden by Henry David Thoreau, author of Life in the Woods, the first 'green' book in history.

Benedetto Bufalino (France) transforms everyday objects into fun works. The public space is his favourite place for artistic adventures. For La Littorale #6, this artist from Lyon, never afraid of a visual gag, sets up a three dimensional rugby pitch in which the public is invited to take part, after the manner of the figures in table football. Here art is a kind of game, full of good humour and relaxation, in a propitious environment.

The world of Fabrice Langlade (France), an active sculptor since the nineties, is made of visual enigmas and improbable shapes, very often beyond any kind of classification - these are 'WANIs', an oral shortening of 'O.A.N.I.', French for 'Unidentified Artistic Object'. For La Littorale #6, this French artist who is known for his crazy projects (installing a porcelain bridge in the middle of the Mongolian steppe, on the Silk Road…) offers a succession of totem sculptures, bench marks related to local history, maritime surveillance in particular, spread over the whole of the exhibition site.

The internationally renowned Australian artist, Shaun Gladwell represented his country at the Venice Biennial in 2009. In Anglet, he presents several of his many video works related to water. The representation of the aquatic element by Shaun Gladwell, concentrating on its mystery and elementary force, appears like a renewal of romanticism. Beautiful, strong, stunning.

A native of the Bask region, Rachel Labastie (France) turns a critical gaze onto ancestral regional traditions and questions the incessant combat of humankind with the particular material that is nature. Her work, Enlisement, an earthen embarkation buried under the mud, acts as an echo to the contradictions of the region. Work on the land, or the combat against the ocean. And ever the dream, the inner need to get back to the land of her birth.

The sixth Anglet Bask Coast International contemporary art biennal has been named La Littorale, a name chosen to anchor this cultural event geographically. This time the event's artistic direction has been entrusted to writer and art historian, Paul Ardenne.

Artists : Joanna Malinovska - CT Jasper (Poland/ United States), Andrea Mastrovito (Italy), Robert Montgomery (Great Britain), Lucy & Jorge Orta (Argentina/Great Britain/France), Laurent Perbos (France), Kemal Tufan (Turkey)

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