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20 Apr 2016

'Socially Engaged Art Projects: Community and Participation' Online Course by Node Center

*Image credits: Direct Approach workshop, District Berlin, 2014. Foto Malene Korsgaard Lauritsen

'Socially Engaged Art Projects: Community and Participation' Online Course by Node Center
Node Center for Curatorial Studies



Node Center for Curatorial Studies
Oranienstr. 24
10999 Berlin

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'Socially Engaged Art Projects: Community and Participation' Online Course
with Stine Marie Jacobsen

*Video-conferences every Monday at 7pm Central European Time. Recordings will be available in case you miss a live session!


This course will introduce and discuss different socially engaged art projects. It is addressed to curators, artists and cultural workers, who wish to create, organise or develop projects that involve forms of social engagement, where the participants are involved directly in the creative process. Furthermore this course is for those who wish to generate better tools to work in collaborative situations with social groups, communities and publics outside of the art world.

Artists and curators frequently immerse themselves in working with non-art communities, this course will look deeper into positive and negative conclusions that can result from this approach. When working at the intersection of art and social realms the very first question and communication should be: Who benefits from the project and what are the expectations of the project initiator and different participants? We all carry biases and prejudices and we will discuss ways to (self-)reflect on this.

Furthermore, we will give valuable methods and tips on how to balance the project idea with the interests of the intended participants, taking into consideration the ethical and structural aspects of collaboration. The course will contain a few simple practical exercises tailored to challenge your current collaborative tools and put theory into practice.

- Duration: May 9 - 30, 2016
- Application deadline: May 5, 2016
- Lecturer: Stine Marie Jacobsen
- Participation fee: 148 € (aprox. $168)

*Full information and enrollments:



Week 1: Collaboration and communication.

Course overview
Introduction and discussion of different sociallyengaged art projects
Preparations and research.
Expectations and intentions for cultural worker and participants
Simple practical collaborative tools and exercises for Week 2

Week 2: Contracts & ethics vs. project idea

Feedback on Week exercises
Different tools and approaches for collaboration with non-art institutions
Positive and negative possible outcomes from socially engaged art
Who benefits from the project and in what way? Different examples and contract samples

Week 3: Documentation vs. project idea.

Deciding on an approach - roles and behaviour - own vs. participant(s)
Different examples of approaches to roles
Ethical, structural aspects and approaches versus a project idea and the needs of participants
Assignment: Write a social engaged art project in two versions - in art and non-art language

Week 4: Fundraising, Press and After-life.

What text version to use when
Making (time) budgets
In what conceptual way is the project modifiable?
When and how to follow up on engagements