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07 Apr 2016

Sunil Gawde at Double Square Gallery

id-od/inner dimension-outer dimension Sunil Gawde Solo Exhibitio
Double Square Gallery


Exhibition dates:
5 March to 3 April 2016

Chien-yu Huang

Double Square Gallery
No.28, Lane 770, Beian Road, Zhongshan District,
104 Taipei

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Indian artist Sunil Gawde staged his solo exhibition id-od / inner dimension – outer dimension at Double Square Gallery in Taipei on 5 March 2016. This is the world première of his global tour exhibition which is scheduled to be on view successively in New York (June), Paris (October) and Morocco (December). Double Square Gallery is deeply honored to host the première, and accordingly invites renowned curator Sean C. S. Hu as the organizer and coordinator, and art critic Bo-Cheng Shen as the researcher for this elaborately organized exhibition. This solo exhibition comprised fourteen newly created works by Gawde, who believes that everything is two sided in nature – inside and outside. On the one hand, the meanings start out from the kernel, the origin, and gradually swirl outwards to form the outer circle. On the other hand, the outer circle is always revolving around the origin at the core. Through the art form he ingeniously developed, Sunil Gawde offers the viewer the opportunity to experience the visual haikus that possibly have played through his mind. By combining natural substances with artificial objects, the artist transforms his works into signs carrying symbolic implications, creating a universe built on new meanings.

Each work begins as short tales that reproach by its moral findings, the pitfalls one maybe snared by and possible crevices of light that may serve as hope in a spiritual quest that questions contemporary life in adult fables to arrive at explaining or explanations. Gawde relies on a certain neutrality and sound judgment almost as in a scientific experiment and its related apparatus; only to then turn it around like a shaman and slip the fantastic into it. The exercise serves to eke out a theory or phenomena that gratifies early psychoanalytical ideas of transference or on the other hand, the idea that the total energy of the universe, its life, remains constant, bringing home the artist's personal beliefs in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy and the idea of rebirth.