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13 Apr 2016

Call for Applications: Alps Art Academy, Safiental Switzerland

Silence/Shapes by Filippo Minelli

Alps Art Academy 2016: LAND ART
Alps Art Academy


Application deadline: April 20, 2016 International summer school on LAND ART (Juni 26 - July 2, 2016) For artists, curators, theorists and art educators Four workshops, international faculty, exhibition

Johannes M. Hedinger / Jolanda Rechsteiner
Tel. +41 81 630 60 16

Alps Art Academy c/o Verein Pro Safiental
Haus Signina, Postfach 15
7104 Versam

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This summer (June 26. - July 2. 2016) the first international ALPS ART ACADEMY on the topic of LAND ART will take place in Safiental (canton Graubünden, Switzerland). Four different workshops will offer the students and lecturers an opportunity to create art in situ in dialogue with nature and landscape. Additionally, one workshop will be devoted to the history, theory and mediation of Land Art.

Critical analysis, challenging, and the upholding of the historical term Land Art are central to all workshops, as well as the transdisciplinary practice thereof. The resulting art works of art and texts will provide suggestions for the Next Land Art that, apart from nature and landscape, will incorporate other media and engage with society.

Alps Art Academy will be concluded with an open air exhibit Art Safiental which will feature all artworks created during the workshops and made them publicly available both to the local community and visitors. The majority of the projects will be open to the public until fall 2016.

Academy and Program
Each of the four workshops (New Public Land Art / Trans Media Land Art / Social Context Land Art / Land Art Theory & Education) will be led by two lecturers. A public symposium at the beginning of the academy will provide an introduction to the history and theory of Land Art, as well as to each workshop. At the end of the academy, a short publication will document and reflect on the findings and the newest tendencies of Land Art.

In total, 30-35 students will be selected to attend the four workshops. The selection of participants will be made by the lecturers. The workshops will be held in English and German. The Alps Art Academy is meant for artists interested in working outdoors, as well as theorists and curators, who wish to research and compile findings on the Land Art topic. Hotel Alpenblick in Tenna will be the academy center. Participants will work and create throughout Safiental.

Atelier für Sonderaufgaben (CH), Com&Com (CH), Hanna Hölling (UK), 
Jaffa Lam (HK), Chapuisat Brothers (CH), Filippo Minelli (I), Raumlabor (D), Konstanze Schütze (D) and many more guests.


Verein Pro Safiental and Johannes M. Hedinger

Conditions of participation, the application form and further information:

CHF 800.-, USD 800.-, EUR 730 (1 week academy, room and board)
excludes individual travel costs.
There are four stipends available for students needing financial aid.

Application deadline
April 20, 2016

For more information and application see
or contact: