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24 Feb 2016

Call for Applications: weekly residential module at UNIDEE - University of Ideas

Ph. © UNIDEE 2015 - Where Imagination Slips into Reality - A weekly residencial module led by STEALTH.unlimited - 12/ 16 Oct 2015

UNIDEE - University of Ideas - Apply now for Spring&Summer Term
Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto


UNIDEE - University of Ideas Spring&Summer Term, from April to July - Fall Term, from September to November To apply, please see specific modules


Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto
Via Serralunga 27
13900 - Biella

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UNIDEE - University of Ideas launched in 2015 – within the unique and special context of Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella – the experimentation of an educational programme investigating the relationship between art and the public sphere and combining theory with practice. Through a new programme based on a weekly research and project laboratory under the guidance of a mentor and the active participation of a guest, the residency modules developed for 2016 focus on three new macro topics wich are: research, gift and alteration.


18/ 22 April 2016
Unmaking: Subverting The Every-Day
Expodium (Nikos Doulos and Bart Witte)
Can we perceive 'unmaking' out of the common emphatic norms of activism, rebellion and disobedience?
'Unmaking' suggests models of subverting existing patterns of perceiving and intervening in the society/ world. It encompasses all those alternative mechanisms devised to implement change. Read more at
Deadline: 25.03.2016

25/ 29 April 2016
(Over)worked Bodies, Care and Maintenance
Jason Waite with Adelita Husni-Bey
How do capitalist imperatives condition us to perform unsustainably as individual subjects? As cultural workers grappling with the neoliberal imperatives shaping the field's relations, how do these manifest in the mental and physical stresses of the contemporary labor form?
The module departs from its context, Cittadellarte - Pistoletto Foundation, a former textile factory transformed into a site of cultural industry, to examine the formation of our desires around our work, its impact on our bodies and modes of maintenance. Read more at
Deadline: 31.03.2016

9/ 13 May 2016
Mineral Rights. Site Exploration: Biella Guide Tours
Lara Almarcegui with Marco Giardino
Who owns the globe's sub-surface? What lies there, and how is it instrumentalised by private interests? Mineral Rights is a body of research and series of ongoing artworks. Tracing seams of iron ore, pools of oil, and deposits of alloys, Almarcegui pursues mineral rights across several countries, variously recording her attempts and failures. Read more at
Deadline: 15.04.2016

23/ 27 May 2016
Cesare Pietroiusti with Aldo Spinelli
How is it possible to enter into and to observe an unknown and abandoned space without automatically thinking of a specific function and destination for it? How is it possible to read (or to listen to) a certain text without immediately trying to catch its meaning?
The idea of moving in a circle around something can help to frame and give meaning to an approach that does not face a problem only to find a solution, but rather look at it from different points of view, to find its abnormalities, its nuances, its ambiguities. Read more at
Deadline: 29.04.2016

6/ 10 June 2016
Designing while Walking, Walking while Designing
Martino Gamper with Visible (Matteo Lucchetti and Judith Wielander)
What kind of relationship exists between art, design and social development? Which are the steps of research and creative practice?
A week of exploration and wandering on the hills of Oasi Zegna in Trivero (Piedmont region) experimenting group and individual dynamics, which feed creative processes. The aim is to design an object or situation that adds new thinking, interaction and behaviour to the Oasi. Read More at
See Open Call

20/ 24 June 2016
The Shifting Place. Aesthetic, spatial and temporal fractures of transitional territories - a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU
Giusy Checola with 'Italia che Cambia' and 'Transition Town Biella'
Territoriality, locality, territorialisation: How do these concepts affect daily life? How can an artivator question these concepts?
In continuity with the first 'TIPP' residency at Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, entitled Creating Territorialities, this second residency with the title The Shifting Place aims at investigating the aesthetic, spatial and temporal fractures of transition territorial processes, both in local and transnational, private and common, material and immaterial dimensions. Read more at
See Open Call when availble

4/ 8 July 2016
Fabricarte. Storie di tessuti tra arti e moda
Maddalena Marciano with Claudia Losi and in collaboration with Fashion Office of Cittadellarte/ B.E.S.T
What is the purpose of a fashion designer today?
The module investigates the ethical role of design and reflects on the relationship between art, fabrics, innovation, sustainability, design and research. The residency week revolves alternately around detailed studies on innovative textiles materials, on history of fashion, and on moments dedicated to laboratory research and alteration of products, ending with a final restitution. Read more at
Deadline: 10.06.2016 (in Italian)

11/ 15 July 2016
Sound, Space, Body
Attila Faravelli and Enrico Malatesta with Nicola Ratti
What kind of perception we have of sourrounding sounds? How aware are we of them? How sound, space and bodies relate between themselves? The module revolves around sound and its modes of perception and production, with a focus on its fundamental relationship with body and space. It seeks to offer the participants a series of both conceptual and experiential tools for questioning opposites like action vs. perception (active performer vs. passive listener), intentional music vs. unintentional noise, through a series of very easy to use proto-instruments conceived as tools to enact the aural potentialities of a site. Read more at
Deadline: 17.06.2016

Participation fee
€ 570,00 Including accomodation and half-board
Students gain ECTS credits upon a negotiated agreement

For further informations please visit UNIDEE - University of Ideas website ( or please contact:

Programme Director and Curator: Cecilia Guida
Programme Coordinator: Roberta Bernasconi
Assistant Director and Curator: Giulia Crisci