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16 Feb 2016

Patrons & Sponsors for Artists by Praxis Center for Aesthetic Studies

brainard carey

How to Generate Patrons and Sponsors for Artists and Institutions
Praxis Center for Aesthetic Studies
Brainard Carey, director


Enrollment deadline -
Feb. 23rd, - April 5th, 2016
Estimated effort -
2 hours weekly
Class Limit -
20 Students, from anywhere in the world.
Participation fee, including personal editing -
220 euros including tax

Brainard H Carey
00 1 917 442 0262

Praxis Center for Aesthetic Studies
420 West 108th Street
New York, NY, 10027

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For artists and curators in the current art world, raising money for projects has moved from an option to a necessity in many areas of the world. Platforms like kickstarter are in wide use, and museums and non-profits around the world are increasingly adapting to new ways of raising money for the arts - both privately and publicly.

Artists have traditionally had patrons since the Renaissance and earlier, and many relationships like that are still formed regularly and continue to help many artists all over the world. The relationship is also very strong between patrons and museums and small organizations. More than ever, these organizations are learning how to get private and public funding to continue their mission.

In this online course, taught by Brainard Carey, director of Praxis Center for Aesthetic Studies, all students will learn how to find and work with patrons for their personal art practice. Participants will also learn how to approach business sponsors that are local or international in scope. Artists as well as curators can take this course and benefit. Your goal could be to support a project or a series of art works, or it could be major funding for a large scale collaboration or institution.

Over the course of 6 weeks, participants will have an interactive experience in an online group classroom, where the following modules will be taught:

Module 1 - Where to find sponsors and patrons, assembling contact information and profiles. You will learn how and where to find names to assemble a list.

Module 2 - Approaching Patrons for private support of studio practice without sales. In this module students will learn how to ask for studio support and funding without selling work, but simply receive funds for their practice and building a relationship with the patron.

Module 3 - Letter writing - students will see letters written to patrons that were successful, as well as templates for their own use. The teacher, Brainard Carey will share successful letters he wrote as well as successful case histories of other artists and curators seeking support. Editing your letters by the lecturer is included in this module.

Module 4 - Managing meetings, studio visits, and direct face to face asks. A discussion of tactics and approach for major donors. How to run a meeting, how to ask for funding, and how to follow-up.

Module 5 - Approaching business sponsors for artists and curators - students will learn how to find and approach local as well as international businesses. The lecturer will show letters he wrote to companies like Apple and Bose to receive support. Editing of business and public funding requests included.

Module 6 - Finding fiscal sponsors to accepts large gifts that the donor wants tax-deductions on. Also, announcements of students who raised money (many of you will by this time) and a closing question and answer session as well as the lecturer editing your proposals and letters.

Video lectures and Q and A session every Wednesday at 7pm Central European Time. If you cannot attend a class, recordings are available.

Lecturer note ; If just one letter you write from this class works, it will not only pay for the class, but you can repeat the process and continue to raise funding for you art and projects.

Enrollment deadline - Feb. 23rd, - April 5th, 2016
Estimated effort - 2 hours weekly
Where- online, from any part of the world, there will be no call-in fees.
Lecturer - Brainard Carey
Participation fee, including personal editing - 220 euros including tax
Class limit - 20 students
Enroll here -