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02 Feb 2016

Transmedia Art – Call for Application

Gasper Kunsic „Late For Life', performance, photo: C. Farkasch, 2015

Transmedia Art Studies – Entrance Exam
University of Applied Arts Vienna


Submission of Portfolio: 22.+23.02.2016 Written and practical exam: 24.02-26.02.2016 Start of Studies: 03.10. 2016



Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien
Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2
1010 Wien

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The department of Transmedia Art focuses primarily on artistic concepts and projects based on space and time, allowing as much scope as possible for experimental approaches. Transmedia art is concerned with transdisciplinary initiatives in the conceptualisation and implementation of art. It involves a critical study of theoretical and practical methods and also investigates the communicative, performative and processual aspects of art.

General information regarding admission exam:
The admission exam in 2016 will take place at the end of February. Samples of artistic work must be submitted as evidence of preliminary knowledge and qualifications. The selection procedure takes place in two stages. First a preliminary selection is made on the basis of the submitted samples of work. Then a three-day admission exam takes place, after which the exam commission makes a final decision. The exam results are announced at the end of the week in which the written exam takes place.

The work samples must give a representative impression of the candidate's artistic work. The selection of samples to be submitted (analog/digital) should reflect the candidate's interests. The candidates can present work with a medium of their choice that should be documented by means of concepts, sketches, photographs, objects, models, film and sound material as well as computer-generated works. The candidates should also submit a CV and a recent photograph along with their work samples. There is a brief interview with the teaching staff, during which the work samples are viewed together.

Application and submission of portfolio: email applications will not be accepted.
Please hand in your portfolio personally to the Transmedia Art Department.
Detailled information here: