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03 Feb 2016

Call for Applications: Bachelor and Master Programs in Photography

Bachelor and Master Programs in Photography
Department of Photography, Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague - FAMU


Application deadline: April 1st 2016 Prospective students must submit an application form and a portfolio.

Barbora Stejskalová

Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
Smetanovo nabr. 2
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic

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The Department of Photography of FAMU in Prague seeks outstanding and motivated applicants for its 3-year B.A., 2-year M.A., and short-term English language programs in photography. Studios led by renowned faculty include Classical Photography, Documentary Photography, Staged and Experimental Photography, Post-Conceptual Photography, and the Multi-Media Studio. Students can also gain experience at other FAMU departments (Direction, Camera, Editing…), work in studios with high-end equipment (including silk-screen and book printing studios), benefit from the department's own gallery and from courses in photography and art history and critical studies.

FAMU is one of the oldest and most prestigious film academies in the world (ranked 4th among world's film schools by the Hollywood Reporter in 2014). The Department of Photography, established in 1975, is one of the oldest departments of its kind and the most influential photography school in the Central and Eastern European region. It is located in the historical center of Prague and hosts a diverse and stimulating international community of artists and scholars.

Portfolio for the B.A. program must include:

1. Creative set of photographs
Consists of 8-12 black and white or colored photographs of a maximum format 50x60 cm representing the applicant's artistic focus.

2. Genre collection
Any number of photographs with a maximum of 20 and maximum format 50x60 cm. The photographs have to be in one of the following genres: portrait, nude, scenery, city, still life, or document.

3. Photography book (model)
A photographic illustration of a book, a photograph book, a diary with a distinctive visual component, etc. It can be processed in any way with individual graphical, possibly also typographical arrangement.

4. Still life
A technical photograph of a still life – 1 black and white photograph of 30x40 cm format, which illustrates primarily the technical abilities of the applicant. It should be a photograph of an arranged still life of objects of applicant's choice.
Applicants are allowed to submit only one photograph series for each assignment!

Portfolio for the M.A. program must include:

1. Exhibition series of 8-12 photographs

2. Photography book model designed by the applicant

3. Series of 8-20 photographs or inter-medial works on a selected theme

4. Masters Project Proposal, which includes:
- The biography and information about the applicant's activities and studies
- A choice of the studio where the applicant wants to study - Studio of Staged Photography, Studio of Post-Conceptual Photography, Studio of Multimedia and Studio of Documentary Photography);
- Applicant's letter of intent to study Photography
- Applicant's project for their Final Masters Program Work (both photographic and theoretical), c. 2 pages.

For the Bachelor degree, no prior academic training in photography is required.

Send to:
Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
Department of Photography FAMU
M.A. Barbora Stejskalová

Smetanovo nabr. 2
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Entrance exam: last week of April 2016
The exam is based on a discussion of the applicant's work and his/her motivation for study.

For more information, see
Preliminary inquiries are welcome.