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01 Feb 2016

MA Degree Programme : Masterstudio Design

Michael Ries, Studio Scenography & Exhibition Design
Masterstudio Design, 2015

Masterstudio Design : Call for Application
FHNW Academy of Art and Design


Application deadline: 15 March 2016 Late application: 15 July 2016 Start of studies: 19 September 2016

Nathalie Bahala
+41 61 228 40 66
+41 61 467 48 85

Institute of Integrative Design | Masterstudio
Freilager-Platz 1
4023 Basel

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«Masterstudio Design» is Switzerland's unique Master's degree programme in Design in which inquisitive creatives from a range of design disciplines, the liberal arts and related sciences develop new perspectives for their professional careers. Masterstudio Design is a space for experimentation, critical discourse and production. In close exchange with mentors and leading practitioners, students translate aspects of research, economics, technology and culture in prospective agencies of design.

Built on a contemporary cross-disciplinary curriculum Masterstudio Design aggregates four emphasis programmes, each facilitating the development of individual interests and skills in a vibrant learning environment. All students participate in the cross-disciplinary modules, projects and the Master's thesis are being carried out in the individually chosen Studio.

Studio Integrative Design is the Master's degree core programme. With a consistently interdisciplinary approach it reflects the belief that urging challenges in rapidly transforming lifeworlds can no longer be adequately addressed by isolated disciplines and skills.

Leitmotif of the Master's degree emphasis programme Studio Fashion Design is Fashion Entrepreneurship. Namely the ability to develop one's individual creative vision in a changing fashion system and to locate it it the market with innovative strategies.

The Master's degree emphasis programme Studio Scenography & Exhibition Design aims to qualify independent auteur designers to occupy progressive positions in the field of scenography.

The Master's degree emphasis programme Studio Industrial Design is geared to promote a discerning, individual and research-oriented training in order to succeed in the competitive professional design sector.

Please see the website for more information.