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15 Dec 2016

Call for applications: Site-Specific Art (degree program)

Pia Plankensteiner, 'Stadt in Bewegung', 2016

Call for applications: Site-Specific Art (degree program)
University of Applied Arts Vienna I Site-Specific Art


Call for applications Next Entrance Examination February 27th – March 3rd, 2017


+ 43 1 71133 2431

Department of Site-Specific Art
Expositur Paulusplatz 5
1030 Vienna

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The Department for Site-Specific Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna is accepting applications for its degree course by February 27th, 2017.

The department has been re-positioned and run by Paul Petritsch (Six & Petritsch).

We offer students:
- A curriculum that combines theory and practice-based skills to support students' artistic development
- Studios and metal/wood/casting workshops and media facilities
- A designated exhibition space for students
- Engaged Faculty with diverse background
- International visiting artists and lecturers from various fields
- The opportunity to join courses in other departments e.g. sculpture, painting, transmedia

The degree course for Site-Specific Art runs for 8 semesters and includes the „central artistic course' as well as electives in crafts, theory, and a variety of media-related practices. The central course focuses on the notion of site as well as on actual sites and their context as driving forces, material to work with, and as places of activity and for action. We want to study sites closely–both in- and outside–, expanding, breaking, amplifying, and changing them. There are no limits to the actual strategies employed: works can be performative, conceptual, object-related, processual, and may refer to social, political or art-specific topics. We consider the class as a field for experimentation where it becomes possible to shift settled notions and develop an individual artistic position.

Students' individual interests are stimulated by working within a designated exhibition space, by reflecting in one-on-one conversations as well as with peers or through writing, and by manual artistic realizations in analogue and digital studios. We expand our focus with collective exhibition visits, projects, field trips.

Artists, curators, researchers and scientists are invited on a regular basis to present their work and give one-on-one feedback to students. Past lecturers include:
Fahim Amir, Tenzing Barshee, James Benning, Catrin Bolt, BU-CON (Kendall Babl, Chipp Jansen), Heather Davis, Matt Edgeworth, AO& (Philipp Furtenbach), I-Project Space (Antonie Angerer, Anna-Viktoria Eschbach), Thomas Geldmacher, Alice Gorman, Johanna Kirsch, Matthias Klos, Douglas Murphy, Gloria Meynen, Jeroen Peeters & Jozef Wouters, Susan Philipsz, Isa Rosenberger, Barbara Schröder, Christian Schwägerl, Vera Tollmann, Saskia Vermeylen, Hannes Zebedin

Next Entrance Examination: February 27th – March 3rd, 2017

The next entrance examination for the study year 2017/18 will take place in February 2017. The application process is as follows: After the submission of portfolios a preliminary selection is made on the basis of the candidates' portfolios. Those selected will then be notified to attend a three-day entrance examination conducted at the department. Afterwards the examination committee will post a list of the results at the University. All portfolios must be submitted personally by the applicant at the department in order to be taken into consideration.

We offer prospective students individual consultations with our team to present and discuss work samples.

To schedule an appointment, please contact:
Find more detailed information at our website: