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02 Dec 2016

Exgirlfriend Gallery Studio Program, Berlin

installation shot in Exgirlfriend studio space from Completely Familiar Entirely Artificial, solo exhibit by Mit Borrás. Image by Pei Yin Chen

Exgirlfriend Gallery Studio Program


Dec 01 2016 - Dec 01 2017 short term or long term

Elena Feijoo

Holsteinischestr 18
Berlin, 12161

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Renovated Private studio spaces adjoined to Exgirlfriend Gallery in Berlin.

Exgirlfriend is a diverse group of artists, curators, gallerists, and writers spanning many social, cultural, and political positions. We aim to function like an online message thread gone awry rather than a traditional artists' space. Dialogues can go in depth, shift, or be changed at any moment. Our network will be formed through these threads and our curatorial committee will continue to change and grow as the network does.

We are not easily defined as we defy borders and physical constraints. Our gallery location is only one initial 'space' to materialise ourselves as a body. Every artist that exhibits in the space will have an opportunity, if they wish, to be a part of the curatorial board for as long or as little as they want.

We are proposing to you, potential participant, an amorphous residency or transitory form of ourselves.

Current Curatorial Committee:

Elena Feijoo
John Byrd
Jesse Malmed
Hanna M. Owens
Matt Kayhoe Brett
Chris Little
Teresa Silva
Alma Wieser

Studios are equipped with window/natural light and new overhead daylight lighting.
Private entrance to studio area with private lockable door
shared communal office space with full kitchen
two bathrooms
main gallery access
outdoor garden
Located directly beside hundreds of retail stores and restaurants, as well as an art supply store within 5 minutes walking
located two minutes from Ubahn and Sbahn stations
direct access and entrance to gallery events, seminars, talks, and exhibitions, etc---- exposure of your work to Berlin artists, curators and gallerists
Exgirlfriend will organize studio visits with local and international artists including our curatorial board depending on each individual artist's needs
Promotion of your work through digital and print, via our social media, exhibition, and event press releases
artists can also host pop up exhibitions in their space upon request and approval