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26 Jan 2016

Call for applications - Zukunftsvisionen2016

Zukunftsvisionen2016 >Festival for Contemporary Art<


Call for applications
18.01. - 13.03.2016

Exhibition 14.05. - 21.05.2016
in Görlitz, Germany
Call for applications:

Ariane Nietzschmann

Second Attempt e. V. || c/o Zukunftsvisionen
Bautzener Str. 32
02826 Görlitz

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The „ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN2016 – Festival for Contemporary Art' is looking for artists!

Since 2007 the ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN Festival exists at the German-Polish border in Görlitz, which is organized by a team of volunteers with much commitment, creativity and courage year by year. As it should make aware of abandoned property, it takes place in changing abandoned locations within the city. It offers a platform to regional, national and international artists of contemporary art. The call for applications is addressed not only to well-known artist but also the ones with less experience, who are still at the beginning of their creative career. With this as the basis, we want to offer our guests a diverse exhibition of high quality. During the whole festival week, the exhibition is accompanied by a diverse supporting program.

The festival week of 2016 bears the title 'Bewusst.Sein'. It means awareness, consciousness, being aware.

The versatility of the theme allows different interpretations and it is possible for everyone to make up his or her own mind. On one hand it indicates that everyone acts aware and has an awareness for the own story and existence. On the other hand it refers to social relations with others, which are characterized by interaction, communication and emotions. We want to create a place, where knowledge can be shared between people of different age or with a different traditional background and where discussions take place. That way invisible barriers and prejudices will be abandoned and will develop a mutual empathy.

Besides, with this year's theme of ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN2016 we want to bring abandoned buildings and the awareness for them back into people's minds. ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN2016 aims to create a place of international, multi-cultural and unbiased meetings.

Further information will be available on the website

* Closing date for applications: 13th of March 2016

* Exhibition: 14th - 21st of May 2016