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17 Jun 2015

Agency for spiritual guest work: Performance Evening

In Love with Banality
Agency for spiritual guest work


10 p.m. @ Pyramidenplatz Basel Elisabethenstrasse 16

Anne Brand Galvez

Agency for spiritual guest work
Zürich, Switzerland

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Yes, we love banality!!!

And...... for the 3rd Edition of the NCCA we embrace it through the body...the space and... the public.

We come together 11 exciting artists and my special guest Patricia Bianchi to co-curate a series of poetical gestures that will remind us the impermanent and banal condition of our existences.

Performances by Tristan Thévenoz / Gregory Hari / Anne Brand Galvez / Bettina Diel / Tizian Baldinger / Nelly Haliti / Barbara Glazar / Lian Stähelin / Joana de la Fontaine / Geraldine Honauer / Cléa Chopard

17JUNE 2015

22h Pyramidenplatz Theater Basel, Elisabethenstrasse 16
In the context of the Installation Stephan Theurich

After party at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design Celebration of the Campus of the Arts

About the Nomadic Center of Contemporary Art


The Nomadic Center of Contemporary Art is a catalyst of the social context. A possibility for interactivity and intersubjective encounters. An activator to foster relationships, in which to deal with the production of visual arts and contemporary culture. A platform to question how it is organized, interpreted and narrated the history of the present. A potentiality of an alternative narrative.
Conceived as a research platform, the Nomadic Center of Contemporary Art, consists in building horizons, new contexts for relevant topics of the contemporary culture. In a contemporary present of globalization, where the networks and structures are not limited by geographies but relations. As an itinerant research platform, an ambulatory apparatus, a tool for questioning the paradigms of dispositives, apparatus of art production. In contexts and geographies but also in realities. In an attempt to build atmospheres and contexts for the subjective experience of perception in a post-disciplinary curatorship.
A proyect by Anne Brand Galvez & Agency for Spiritual Guest Work in the Service of Visualizing

About The Agency for Spiritual Guest Work in the Service of Visualizing


Oriented to produce research projects towards exhibitions and collaborations with cultural producers in different fields. The association is committed to experimenting in artistic and curatorial formats, models of presenting critical discourses, socially and also politically engaged art practices. There is not a fixed methodology implicated in the process of research and production but a more a laissez-faire attitude towards an organic construction of dispositves.