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27 Apr 2015

Q-O2: Interpretations. the book

Maaike Beuten

Interpretations. the book
Julia Eckhardt / Q-O2


Julia Eckhardt

1080 Brussels

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Positions on interpretation in music and sound art:

composition vs improvisation, notation and oral transmission, authorship, editing and remixing, memory strategies, material, frame and context, related projects.

Text and image contributions by Christoph Cox, Camille Henrot, Roland Barthes, Giaco Schiesser, Dafne Vicente-Sandoval & Ivan Palacký, Andrea Neumann & Christian Kesten & Labor Sonor, Jennifer Walshe, Franziska Windisch, Manfred Werder, Charles Curtis, Bartaku & Ruta Vitkauskaite & Karl Heinz Jeron, Compost and Height & Patrick Farmer & Sarah Hughes, Julia Eckhardt on Eliane Radigue, Angharad Davies, Frederik Croene, Catherine Lamb, Guy De Bièvre, David Helbich, Joanna Bailie, Peter Ablinger, Okkyung Lee.

Edited by Julia Eckhardt and Eveline Heylen

available on