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02 Apr 2015

GREEN ISLAND 2015. Urban Hives


GREEN ISLAND 2015. Urban Hives
aMAZElab. Art, Culture, Landscape


Opening Tuesday 14th April 2015, 6 pm - Porta Garibaldi Train Station Hall Piazza Freud 2, Milan - Italy

Claudia Zanfi

via Cola Montano, 8

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Directed by Claudia Zanfi

'If bees disappeared, humankind would have three years of life left.' (Albert Einstein)
Starting from Milano Design Week (April 2015) throughout EXPO in CITTA' (May/June 2015), GREEN ISLAND ( will present HURBAN HIVES, a cultural and creative programme of valorisation of eco-friendly practices and biodiversity in the urban contest. Focused on safeguard of bees and knowledge of the honey as natural food, the project is dedicated to eco-design installations, exhibitions, conferences and educational activities.

The special location selected are gardens and green public spaces in the center of Milano. URBAN HIVES will present for the first time in Italy an exhibition of drawings and proposals for new forms of bee hives by international artists and designers, among whom: Atelier Van Lieshout (NL); Nadim Karam (Lebanon); Katia Loher (CH); Simone Berti (ITA); Bee Collective (NL); Igor Sovilj (Bosnia Herzegovina); Polonca Lovsin (Slovenia); Driant Zaneli (Albania); Daniel Gonzales (Mexico); Ton Matton (NL); Andrea Bianconi (ITA); Katia Loher (CH); Paul Clemence (USA); Judith Cowan (UK); CRTLzak (ITA); Lois Weinberger (Austria).

In Europe and in USA there is a growing number of urban hives providing extra income in times of crisis, but also a sign of heightened awareness of the themes of pollution and the natural environment. The adoption of urban hives is becoming common in many cities: Paris, Berlin, London, NYC, Sydney. In fact it would appear that despite pollution, urban bees are more productive. A relevant reflection on the relationship between human being and environment, with an unusual itinerary of art and ecology.
Therefore the innovative project GREEN ISLAND. URBAN HIVES has been selected during the presentation of cultural program EXPO 2015 and reached the first prize of the contest 'Tavola Periodica '. The project is part of the events for urban map 'EXPO IN CITTà'.

ALVEARI URBANI is in partnership with relevant public and private institutions such as: Comune di Milano; Regione Lombardia; Camera di Commercio Milano; Expottimisti; Museo Alessi; Centostazioni- Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane; PromoGiardinaggio; FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano); Legambiente; Politecnico; MUBA (Museo Bambini); Facoltà di Agraria Milano; COOP Lombardia; Atelier del Paesaggio; Spazio Lombardini22; Green Point Milano; Ponti x Arte; BikeMI; SamarLegno; 5VIE Arte&Design. And important Media Partners such as ARTRIBUNE, Gardenia, Paysage, extraMilano.

It is promoted in collaboration with Mielizia/CONAPI, the network of main producers of organic honey in Italy.
The project is part of an European research, in collaboration with Middlesex University of London.

Urban Hives is Pet&Bike friendly!