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01 Apr 2015

Apply now for the 2015 Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts

Course: Peter Niedertscheider 2014
Photo: Pia Streicher

Courses with focus on artistic techniques: bookmaking, printmaking, drawing, stone sculpture
Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts 20/07–29/08/2015


Bernhard Cella,
27 July–8 August 2015,

Peter Niedertscheider,
2–29 August 2015
Adriana Czernin,
10–29 August 2015
Elisabeth Schmirl,
10–29 August 2015
Deadline for applications 15 May 2015

Gabriele Winter
+43 662 842113

Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts
Franziskanergasse 5a
5020 Salzburg

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The practice and experimental expansion of artistic techniques is the main focus in these four courses at Summer Academy. For the first time, Bernhard Cella, an artist who runs his own studio as a bookshop, offers students help in realising their own printed publications. Elisabeth Schmirl will introduce participants in traditional and new printing techniques. Adriana Czernin's course deals with all possible functions of drawing and Peter Niedertscheider familiarises students with stone-sculpture technique in the Untersberg quarry.
The Summer Academy welcomes your application to participate in one of these or 17 further courses. Application deadline is 15 May 2015.

Bernhard Cella's course enables participants to design and develop their own publications, from the initial idea, through the conception and right up to the finished product. Taking current and historical examples, the students will analyse various approaches and forms of production, including pictorial language, format and varieties of paper, text production, typography and typesetting techniques.
Duration: 27 July–8 August 2015
Fee: € 680.- (reduced: € 520.-)

The focus of Peter Niedertscheider's course is stone sculpture and exploration of how contemporary artistic formulation is possible in this medium. The Untersberg quarry, which has provided the so-called 'Untersberg marble' for centuries, offers ideal conditions for different approaches to this material. Although the emphasis lies on stone sculpture and training in relevant techniques, support is also offered for interdisciplinary working methods.
Duration: 2–29 August 2015
Fee: € 1,160.- (reduced: € 840.-)

Drawing is a medium in which ideas can be developed and represented in a concentrated manner. The course directed by Adriana Czernin deals with all possible functions of drawing: developing an idea, making a sketch, composing a picture – in any form – on paper, on objects, as a mural or a room installation. New techniques will be learned, familiar ones further developed.
Duration: 10–29 August 2015
Fee: € 920.- (reduced: € 680.-)

Elisabeth Schmirl in her course will experiment with different printing techniques. All varieties of intaglio may be used and combined – drypoint, line-etching, open etching, aquatint, soft-ground etching, lavender technique, etc. The aim of this course is to try out artistic production strategies which combine the dynamic between content and technique in the working process in order to find an ideal form for one's own concept.
Duration: 10–29 August 2015
Fee: € 920.- (reduced: € 680.-)

Further information on the entire programme

Regular application
All prospective participants must apply for acceptance. On the basis of the submitted dossier, the teachers select participants. The fees are between € 440.- and € 1,160.-, depending on the duration of the course. Students are entitled to a reduced fee. All applications received by 15 May 2015 will be treated equally. Later applications are welcome, and will be processed in the order received, according to vacancies in the courses.
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The Summer Academy offers numerous grants, usually covering participation fee only. Application deadline is 8 April 2015.
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