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10 Dec 2015


Agata Wiórko

The Belmonte Cultural Club


Three original interpretations of the Art of Light, in the outdoor and indoor spaces of the magnificent Palácio Belmonte, in Lisbon. December 2015 - March 2016

Agata Wiórko
+351 218816600

Palácio Belmonte
Pateo Dom Fradique, 14
1100-624 Lisbon

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The Light of Lisbon was crucial for the decision of renewing the building of the ancient Belmonte Palace in Lisbon, in Castelo [at the Castle], bringing new uses: art, science, knowledge. Maria and Frédéric Coustols transformed the space in a cultural landmark and a meeting point for innovation and sustainability.

For the 15 years of the opening of the Palace, Light is offered again the leading figure, through the presentation of artistic visions for which Light is more than just a theme: for Alessandro Lupi, Jana Matejkova-Middleton & Rory Middleton and Stefan Kornacki, Light is matter, language, a mistery and above all a challenge demanding a careful take on the historical, cultural and philosophical dimensions.


LIGHTCRAFT is developed in the framework of the International Year of Light. It is curated by Frédéric Coustols and Mário Caeiro.

Mário Caeiro is the author of Arte na Cidade – História Contemporânea (Círculo de Leitores, 2014) [Art in the City – Contemporary History], a lecturer and researcher at – Caldas da Rainha, and known for the production since 2001 of public art works and events.

Stefan Kornacki is a new reference in Polish art. This is his third presentation in Portugal. After his participation in LUMINA Festival, in Cascais, 'Things to Come', the newest renditon of his groundbreaking 'Inscription Project' (already presented in other European cities) is the largest and most spectacular installation by the artist, who will perform in the ruins of Pátio de D. Fradique an operatic appropriation of the sci-fi Classic movie by William Cameron Menzies (1936).

In the following months and through previous appointment, the public may visit the permanent works of Alessandro Lupi and Jana Matejkova-Middleton & Rory Middleton. It is an exceptional opportunity, for it is particularly striking the delicate contrast between the beautiful and serene environment and these irreverent Contemporary objects.

Beyond the artistic interventions, the programme includes a performance by Stefan Kornacki and guests, the launching of the book Corisco e Resplendor – Notes on a flash production: Óbidos-Luz (Palavrão – Associação Cultural) coordinated by Mário Caeiro and Philip Cabau, part of an interdisciplinary conference about urban heritage project making.

Other moments, besides the guided tours, are the presentation of the film Things to Come, by William Cameron Menzies, a science-fiction masterpiece, commented from the perspectives of Science, History and Typography; the visit to the whole set of the works by Jana Matejkova-Middleton & Rory Middleton in the Palace (accompagnied by the artists); and the world première of the film 'A Casa das Duas Portas', by Abel Pinheiro, which will be commented by sculptor André Banha.


Stefan Kornacki
(b. 1983) is a versatile Polish artist working in various fields, from graphic design, installation, video, theatrical activities, to performance and poetry, in the framework of diverse collaborations. Having played, among others, with the jazzman Tomasz Stanko, he is the singer of the band SER CHARLES. This is the third time Kornacki shows in Portugal, after having participated in OBJET TROUVÉ (collective exhibition at Plataforma Revólver, 2012), the artistic train COSMIC UNDERGROUND (2013) and LUMINA Festival (2015). He has also realized a non-authorized performance in front of the Portuguese Parliament, named 'Crise' (2013). The Inscription Project consists in a series of activities in urban space, using signs formerly attached to buildings in a performatic way.

Alessandro Lupi (b. 1975), Italian, lives in Berlin, his installations challenge the spectator concerning the limits between active participation and passive contemplation. Insight, light and space are the fundamental elements of his art, which is an extraordinary investigation about perception. Lupi shows for the third time in Portugal, after works realized in Óbidos (ÓBIDOS LUZ, 2014), Lisbon (VICENTE, 2015) and Cascais (LUMINA, 2015).

Jana Matejkova-Middleton
(b. 1979), Czech, lives in Scotland and the Czech Republic. She is fascinated by light and its language. By means of site-specific installations, frequently interactive, she articulates different media as photography, sound, video, dance and other new technologies, which help her to build up and explore relationships which certain places suggest. Public spaces in urban settings, landscape and nature are key-words in her work. She uses light not only for its ability to shape an atmosphere and change the environment, but also as a motion accentuating shapes whether it is reflected, radiating, stroboscopic or fluorescent. Her large installations are often commissioned for well-established Light Art festivals around Europe. Some of her smaller pieces and drawings are represented in public and private collections in Czech Republic, Portugal and Germany.

Rory Middleton (b. 1977) lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland. In his work, he builds environments and design projects to host live music and performances, underlining the relations between the architecture, the landscape and people. He creates art works which seduce Human senses through the interpretation of natural and modified atmospheres, combining lo-fi and hi-fi methods used in cinema. In this context, he develops site-specific works which lead places to acquire a different voice, one which might be heard by all but understood at various levels.