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11 Jun 2014

32th Coopy RIghOTs – we MADE it READI, in Brazil

32th Coopy RIghOTs – we MADE it READI, in Brazil


Opening: June 12, 2014, 9pm June 12 - July 13, 2014


+49 (0)40-64881930

Trommelstrasse 7
20359 Hamburg

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The personal friendship and relationship of some members of the 8. Salon in Hamburg (Germany) to people, related-to-Brazil, is the initial moment for an artistic exchange with Brazilian artists.

The upcoming exhibition is thought as a starting shot, the second try, of an exhibition-series, in which the expansion of other regions should affect the 8. Salon.!

On one hand the series sheds light on the commonalities of cultural conditions and on the other hand on personal relationships between people well-knowing-each-other but livingin-far-distance. The synchrony of the exhibition with the mass event FIFA World Cup 2014 is used to underline these tensions.

The facts and defaults, caused by this mass gathering, e.g. the demonstrations in Brazil, the flags of participating nations, the Brazilian cities, the match schedule, will be synchronized with respective counterparts in this exhibition in Hamburg. The overcome idea of nation and mass event, will be confronted with the playful definition of territory and the idea of a friendly relation, which crosses borders and expands over multiple regions.The aim is not to come up with simple, one-dimensional critics, but a multi-dimensional analysis and experimental construction.

For this project the 8. Salon cooperates with the Brazilian-based artist Anton Steenbock (Rio de Janeiro) and the Brazilian artist Pedro Wirz and the curators Germano Dushá and Fernando Ticoulat (São Paulo). They were asked to invite 32 Brazilian artists to develop an artwork, based on the greyscale print of a national flag. These 32 flags are the national flags of the participating countries at the FIFA World Cup. This transformation to greyscale breaks with the multicolor-carnival-stereotypes of Brazil and creates a unified, abstracted base for all the different participating artists.! All prints will be send to the 8. Salon for the exhibition, opening on June 12, 22:00 CET.

Luiz Albisser, a Swiss interior designer of Brazilian origin will – together with members of the 8. Salon – create an environment in which the prints will be installed. This setting will be related to the fans, the windows, the television, the critics, the country, the landscape, the stations, the architecture, and the deep structure of mass events. The Brazilian-based performer Matthias Ringgenberg and the photographer Cedric Eisenring will accomplish the environment with their works.! The exhibition will be opened simultaneously with the FIFA World Cup and the regular opening times will be based on the match schedule, from June 12 to July 13. Some of the matches will be screened at the site.

Modified Flags: Carlos Contente, Mayana Redin, Regina Pereto, Gustavo Torres, Marcelo Mudou, João Marcos, Cabelo Saad, Marcone Moreira, Felippe Moraes, Pedro Victor Brandão, Bete Esteves, Srinivas Mangipudi, Kristofer Paetau & Ondrej Brody, Leo Ayres, Margit Leisner, Janaina Wagner, Leonardo Stroka, Renata De Bonis, Carlos Issa, Jorge Menna Barreto, Raquel Uendi, Lais Myhrra, Chico Zelesnikar, Bruno Palazzo, Rodolpho Parigi, André Sztutman, Pedro Caetano, Felipe Cidade, Rafael RG, Thiago Gonçalves, Victor Leguy

Opening Performance:
Mathias Ringgenberg

curated by Anton Steenbock, Germano Dushá, Fernando Ticoulat, Pedro Wirz

staging: Luiz Albisser, Cédric Eisenring, Christian Rothmaler, Philipp Schwalb

June 12 - July 13, 2014

Opening Hours:
Wednesday-Friday 4-7pm
and during selected matches
and by appointment