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13 Jun 2014

Triennale Valais/Wallis 2014 (CH)


Opening: June 14, 6pm, Turtmann, Hotel Post



Triennale 2014
c/o Label Art
3960 Sierre

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TRIENNALE of contemporary art Valais/Wallis 2014
After the editions of 2007 und 2011 the third edition will take place in 2014. This edition presents a new exhibition format, which originates from spatial and regional circumstances. The TRIENNALE 2014 aims to give special attention to selected disused industrial and military complexes and other interesting sites in the Valais/Wallis, such as an old military airport, a water dam, an old prison and a power station. All these locations permit sophisticated artistic interventions. For these four main sites, international curators have been invited. They will re-enact these exceptional locations. Each curator will personally select a certain number of artistic positions and projects with national or international impact. Besides these unconventional spots, the TRIENNALE 2014 will also take place in the local museums and galleries. The TRIENNALE extends its activities from Brig to Monthey and involves the most important institutions of contemporary art in Valais/Wallis.

The curators
Heinrich Gartentor (curator Turtmann)
Helen Hirsch (curator Ancien Pénitencier Sion)
Raffael Dörig (curator Belle Usine Fully)
Jean-Paul Felley & Olivier Kaeser (curator dam of Mauvoisin)

The artists
Joëlle Allet, Ash Aravena, Thomas Auriol, Ursula Biemann, Anne Blanchet, Alan Bogana, Daniel Bräg, Françoise Caraco, Los Carpinteros, Valentin Carron, Maria Ceppi, Julian Charrière, collectif_fact, Jérémie Crettol, Eduardo Cruces, Pascal Danz, Anaïs Defago, Oppy de Bernardo, Rä di Martino, Olivier Estoppey, Denise Eyer-Oggier, Christophe Fellay, Agnès Ferla, Patricio Gil Flood, Daniel Frank, H. R. Fricker, Geert Goiris, Bob Gramsma, Hervé Graumann, Yann Gross, Martin Gut, Nilbar Güres, Fabrice Gygi, Thomas J. Hauck, Haus am Gern, Christina Hemauer & Roman Keller, Christian Herter, Ursula Hirsch, Raed Ibrahim, Res Ingold, Alexandre Joly, Heinz Julen, Marine Julié, Sabina Kaeser, Sébastien Kauffmann, Dagmar Keller & Martin Wittwer, Thomas Kneubühler, Miles Koeder, Sofia Kouloukouri, Florian Kutzli, Niklaus Lenherr, Anne le Troter, Roger Lévy, Tracy Lim, Josef Loretan, Nikolaus Loretan, Innyang E.H. Low, Sara Jayne McLaren, Chantal Michel, Aldo Mozzini, Fraenzi Neuhaus, Fabricio Nicora, Gustav Oggier, Lauris Paulus, Niko Princen, Alessandro Quaranta, David Rees-Thomas, Mirella Salame, Katerine Samara, Pavel Schmidt, Rolf Schroeter, Pascal Seiler, Christoph Simon, Nihan Somay, Venice Spescha, Hina Stüver, Josette Taramarcaz, Pierre-André Thiébaud, Andrea Thüler, Floriane Tissières, Pierre Vadi, Marie Velardi, Collectif d'artistes de visarte.valais et visarte.wallis, Victoria Wigzell, Andrea Wolfensberger, Sabine Zaalene, Dida Zende

Project Manager

Marcel Henry

The TRIENNALE Valais/Wallis of contemporary art was founded in 2007 by 14 art institutions*, active in the area between Brig and Monthey in Southern Switzerland. The aim of the association is to bring broader attention to contemporary art and to stimulate professional cooperation between the linguistic regions of Switzerland and the rest of Europe. The TRIENNALE Valais/Wallis also intends to further expand networks, in particular by building relationships with institutions beyond the Alps. The charter of the Association for Contemporary Art Valais stipulates to better exploit the different strengths of member institutions and contacts. The club operates on the basis of collegiality. The operational office, which is led by the President of the Association, structures and guides the decision-making processes of the organization.

* Galerie du Crochetan, Monthey
Fondation Louis Moret, Martigny
Manoir de la Ville de Martigny
Musée de Bagnes, Le Châble
EPAC, Saxon
Ferme-Asile, Sion
Musée d'art du Valais, Sion
Arts Pluriels, Réchy
ECAV, Sierre
MAXXX/Project Space, Sierre
Stiftung Schoss Leuk, Leuk-Stadt
galleria graziosa giger, Leuk-Stadt
Kunstverein Oberwallis