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09 Jun 2014

Ernesto Bautista at the Shangyuan Art Museum

Midnight Suns. Ernesto Bautista ©.

Shangyuan Art Museum


Shangyuan Museum Opening 4.00 P.M.

Xeng Ciao Bei

Shangyuan Art Museum
Sha yu kou Qiao zi town
Huai you district.
Beijing, China.

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There is a promise of trascendence in every breath we spend, in every idea, even if we don't consider to make it happen. We are dying all the time, every second. Fight against this ways of death is part of our way to live. We should be predisposed to take the death and resurrection as part of the everyday, as a necessary atmosphere to understand our memory. Does people think about to build re-thinked perspectives of trascendence and legacy beyond death? Do we reach a metaphisycal heritage trough nostalgia and through poetic of memory?

Ernesto Bautista presents at the Shangyuan Art Museum on Beijing the results of his production at the Program Residency 2014. In the words of Edith Medina, the work of Bautista breathes and develops between the other and oneself, an intimate vision of who we are as individuals, as people, but at the same time reveals what integrates us as a society. Loneliness, fear, lack, hope, death, distance, ephemeral, what is beyond one. A mighty roar of what we are and what we sometimes do not recognize.

Barney Hall said once: 'To remember is a way to honor(to revive) those who have lived. ' I conceive this project, starting from working with signs of spiritual enviroments as a reaction to reflections of sociopolitical concerns. We are tied to political statements which goes beyond every kind of death. The exhibition presents a selection of recent works gathered through signs of fire, death and memory. A proof of inversment of life after life with visceral intensity.

About Ernesto Bautista (Santa Ana. 1987). Recently Solo exhibition on the ExTeresa Art Museum. Mexico, D.F. Shangyuan Art Museum Residency Program. Beijing, China. Participated in 'X', Museum of Art of El Salvador and Gallery Ernst Hilger. Vienna, Austria. VII Biennial of Visual Arts of the Central American Isthmus; Broken, Reflejos Intimos, ExTeresa Art Museum, Mexico City; The Voice That Reaches You 2, Kansas, Missouri, EU; Memento Mori, [e]star Gallery, Lima, Peru. Has been nominated two times for the grant of the Cisneros Fountanals Art Foundation and the Paul Klee Summer Akademie by the Paul Klee Foundation on Switzerland. Publications on Contemporary Languages of Central America by Luisa Fuentes Guaza. Editorial Turner. And Y.ES. Collect Contemporary Art in El Salvador.

About the Shangyuan Museum: 'Some Chinese poets and critics speak of Shangyuan Art Scene as a utopia of art, which is to say that in a standardized, uniform society, Shangyuan Art Scene is in search of a certain kind of difference, whereby each individual, each creative self, every creative living entity is honored for the way in which they seek their value and meaning of life. '

The exhibition will be installed and open to the public from Thursday Jun 12, 2014, until Jun 19.
Visiting hours: Tuesday to Sunday by appointment.
Entry free.
For more information and to concert a visit with guided tour.
Contact: Mauricio Sandoval +86 13041101405