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01 May 2014

Cyprus College of Art: The Cyprus Studios

The Cyprus Studios
Cyprus College of Art


Margaret Paraskos


6 Eleftherias Street
8260 Paphos

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Rent Space in the Communal Art Studios
in Lemba (Paphos), Cyprus

Visit and use our studio space from one week up to a full year or more
Low cost studio space available with our without living accommodation


The Cyprus College of Art is not a college. Founded by the most famous artist ever to come out of Cyprus, and the only Cypriot to have work in London's Tate Gallery, Stass Paraskos, the Cyprus College of Art is a space for artists and art graduates to come together, share studio space and enjoy art. That they do this in the beautiful countryside of Cyprus is an added bonus.

We have been welcoming artists, writers and other creative people to Cyprus, and providing work space for them here, for over 40 years.

Historically most have come from Britain, North America and Europe, but we are an open environment, so welcome artistic people from all over the world.

Our environment and studio space is primitive, basic and low tech, so any technical equipment you will have to provide yourself. There is internet (WiFi) access in the studios, but basically we just offer studio space for you to work in a stunning location, the village of Lemba near Paphos town.


Lemba is very rural and in many ways a primitive place in which to make art. We have welcomed some very great artists to use the space over the past 40 years, including figures like Terry Frost, Euan Uglow and Rachel Whiteread, but there is nothing fancy or posh about the place. It is picturesque in the true sense of the word, a bit ramshackle and a working environment for real artists rather than dilettantes.

Lemba is located on cliffs overlooking the sea, and the small town of Paphos is about 3 miles away. It is dark at night, as you would expect in a rural location, and you can see every star in the sky. More often than not it is shockingly bright in the Mediterranean sunshine during the day.

It is not suitable for everyone, as it is not a luxurious place in any sense (as we say primitive!) but the cost is very low and the stones of Lemba exude the long history of the place as a creative environment made by artists for artists.

Lemba is not a luxurious place, and in many ways it is quite primitive. Artists here live close to nature and for those staying in the accompanying accommodation, it is similar to a youth hostel with shared cooking, bathroom and WC facilities.

But it is also a deeply stimulating place. Surrounded by a huge sculpture wall created by Stass with help from visiting artists, Lemba is a place that seems to encourage creativity. Perhaps that is the legacy of all those artists who have worked here before, or perhaps it is the stunning countryside setting, and the views out over the unspoiled valley over the sea.

Of course, such a primitive place is not suitable for everyone and those looking for a more luxurious environment can stay in Larnaca instead (click here for details). But if you want affordable studio space in a rural environment in which you can paint, sculpt and live without the cares of the modern world, then perhaps Lemba is for you.


With very basic (youth hostel style) single room living accommodation in the College: 180 euro per month, with reductions for stays of more than 3 months.

Without College living accommodation the cost is 60 euro per month.

Remember the College accommodation in Lemba is very basic and youth hostel in style. Although you will have a single bedroom you will share the kitchen, bathroom and WC facilities and as in a youth hostel have to take part in the cleaning rota of the communal areas.

If you require living accommodation of a higher standard we can help find you some very high quality places to stay. Up to six months this tends to cost around 800 to 1000 euro per month. For stays of six months or over it tends to cost around 300 euro per month, depending on your requirements of course.


We ask you to first fill in the application form which is online. This gives us the basic information we need to first assess your application.

You do not need to be a visual artist to rent studio space, and we welcome applications from writers and other types of artist who is in need of studio space.

However we are looking for people who will be actively using the studio space and so it is not possible simply to use it on a very occasional basis or as a store room.