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22 Apr 2014

Registration now open: Learning Together International Conference - Limerick, Ireland (September 2014)

Learning Together International Conference: Museums and Cities of Culture for All
The Hunt Museum


11-13 September 2014 The Hunt Museum Limerick, Ireland

Dr Dominique Bouchard

The Hunt Museum
Custom House, Rutland Street

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The conference will consider how museums and communities can work together to create diverse, inclusive programs and exhibits which truly reflect the breadth and richness of the cultural environment they inhabit, and how cultural programs can support community development and regeneration.

Key questions the conference asks are:
How do we ensure that culture is accessible to all, including those in underserved areas
How do museums and cultural bodies support the cultural rights of individuals and communities?
How do we offer educational and learning opportunities which address the needs of under-served groups, and enhance and deepen the relationships between museums and cultural bodies and their local communities?

Conference attendees will include many local community organisations, as well as arts professionals and world leaders in museum education and community engagement. The conference will take place over three days, and the sessions will be held in a mix of museum and community locations to facilitate access for community workers, and to keep the focus on community contexts.