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24 Apr 2014

Sound Art Summer Academy, Helsinki Finland

James Andean

Sound Art Summer Academy
University of the Arts Helsinki


Sound Art Summer Academy,
August 18-30 2014, Helsinki Finland Applications Facebook


Dr Andrew Bentley

University of the Arts Helsinki
P.O. Box 1
00097 Uniarts

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In August 2014, the University of the Arts Helsinki will be offering the first edition of the Sound Art Summer Academy, a two-week intensive course in which students have the opportunity to explore key aspects of sonic art.

The courses of the Sound Art Summer Academy are open to EVERYONE above the age of 17, not only to students in higher education. However, applicants should be aware that the courses are designed for university level arts students. Applicants should assess their own ability to participate in courses at this level and derive benefit from them. The language of all the courses in the Sound Art Summer Academy is English. Applicants must have a sufficient command of English to benefit from the courses.

Students can take any of the courses in any combination, from a minimum of one course up to a maximum of all four courses.

The courses are free and open to any applicants from any country. The courses do not include travel, meals or accommodation.

University of the Arts Helsinki is Finland's national university for the arts—the country's highest institution for fine art, theatre and music. The Sound Art Summer Academy is organized jointly by departments from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, the Theatre Academy and the Sibelius Academy as part of their larger programme to develop sound art studies at university level.