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21 Apr 2014

Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt Ludwigsburg: Call for proposals | Artists in Residencies

Mind Puzzle
Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt Ludwigsburg


Call for proposals Artists in Residencies 10.-26. Oktober 2014

Katrin Temme

Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt
Hindenburgstraße 29
71638 Ludwigsburg

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Call for proposals | Artists in Residencies

'Mind Puzzle' is a transdisciplinary artproject, initiated by the Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt Ludwigsburg and the choreographer and director Fabian Chyle.
'Mind Puzzle' centers around the subject 'dementia' and aims to raise awareness for people with dementia through artistic interventions and events.
Another central goal is to establish a not deficit-orientated discourse.

'Mind Puzzle' connects theory and practice, establishes artistic intervention in public space and creates space for networking and exchange. Every year there will be a conference - 'Zukunftswerkstatt' - on different relevant topics. The topic of the 'Zukunftswerkstatt 2014' will be how the arts deal with the phenomenon dementia, the different views of artists on the topic as seen in their work and the meaning of the arts and artistic endavours for people with dementia and theit supporting systems.

For the 'Zukunfstwerkstatt 2014' we offer 3 'Artists in Residencies' (10. - 26.10.2014) for artists from all disciplines.

The chosen artists will research for one week in institutions for the elderly in Ludwigsburg. After that we will provide working- and rehearsal space. for the artists to process the impressions and thoughts about their experience. The results will be presented at the 'Zukunftswerkstatt'.

What we offer:
* Workshop at the beginning (October, 11th and 12th 2014)* Access to institutions (nursing homes etc.)
* Rehearsal- / Working space
* Fee: 2000 €
* Subsidy for production costs up to 800 €
* Subsidy for travel costs up to 200 €
* Accomodation, if needed

What we expect:
* Attendance during the whole research- and production process
* Documentation of the artistic process on the website
* Presentation of a work-in-progess result at the 'Zukunftswerkstatt' including a post performance discussion with the audience about the artistic process, experience and results.

Your proposal should include:
* Short curriculum vitae (max. 120 characters) & curriculum vitae in tabular form
* Concept in short- (max. 2500 characters) and long version for the research-project with following priorities:
a) Where is the main interest in the research? Which ideas and questions guide the research?
b) How do you want to investigate in the institutions?
c) How do you want to work with the found material in the artistic process?
d) What is your personal motivation for this project?
We do not expect a description of the result, but a detailed description of the research-process.
* Material of your recent works (only digital)

Please send your proposal to:

For more information, please visit / contact:
Katrin Temme
Tel.: 07141 78891-40

Deadline: May, 25th 2014
The results will be made public in the first week of June.

Curators: Fabian Chyle (Dance, Performance, Media), Bernhard Eusterschulte (Visual arts, Theatre, Media), Bettina Gonsiorek (Socio-culture), Hans-Peter Jahn (Music, Musictheatre), Katrin Temme (Cultural studies, Gerontology).