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05 Dec 2014

Invitation to Submit Expression of Interest: Head of Department at The School of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg, Sweden

Invitation to Submit Expression of Interest: Head of Department at The School of Design and Crafts Gothenburg, Sweden
HDK - School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg


Expression of interest: Please feel free to send your CV/list of qualifications as well as a personal letter to no later than 12 January 2015.

Angelica Hörngren

HDK - School of Design and Crafts
Box 131
S-405 30 Göteborg

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The position of Head of Department is time-limited for three years, with the opportunity to extend.
Type of position: Full-time.
Starting date: as soon as possible or by agreement.
For external applicants, employment is offered as a visiting professor following the usual peer review.

The School of Design and Crafts (HDK) was founded in 1848, since when it has played a significant role in the development of Swedish design and crafts. We are developing constantly, and our vision is to be one of the most attractive and stimulating art university colleges in Europe. At present we offer courses in design, crafts, visual arts and educational sloyd. We conduct research and educate researchers in all of our subjects. Curiosity, artistic talent and the courage to question, combined with professional skills and social responsibility are omnipresent at the school. We have a wide-ranging, international network of collaborative partners all over the world, but we also nurture our close contact with local and national culture.

HDK is one of three departments within the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gothenburg. The faculty's three departments offer a variety of courses, artistic development work and artistic research that is unique in an international context. The new HDK was created in July 2012, when Steneby – the School of Craft and Design in the city of Dals Långed merged with HDK in Gothenburg, with the effect that we have four unit subject groups based at two locations. The department has almost 800 students and employs 140 teachers, researchers, technicians and administrators, as well as a number of visiting teachers and part-time teachers.

The School of Design and Crafts is now in a strong development phase in terms of further developing a unique artistic, and for teacher training courses pedagogic, educational and research environment. HDK is currently recruiting no fewer than three professors, who will be involved in building an innovative, multidisciplinary research culture within the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts. We are currently looking for someone to fill the role of Head of Department, to continue to develop the educational and research environment at the School of Design and Crafts.

HDK is located at the heart of central Gothenburg, alongside the Röhsska Museum, and at Steneby in Dals Långed.

The Head of Department at HDK is responsible for the overall management, development and quality-assurance of education and research within the department's various subject areas. The organisation must observe the government's directive in the mandate for Swedish universities and colleges at the University of Gothenburg and the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts. The Head of Department shall run the department with a visionary perspective and develop the department's potential not only in the fields of education and collaboration, but also in the department's various research areas. The Head of Department shall be a good representative of the School of Design and Crafts in relation to the rest of GU, the world of culture, other further education courses, politicians and other decision-makers, and shall take part in public debate and safeguard the status of art in society.
The Head of Department is a member of the Head of the Departments Council at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, under the leadership of the Dean, and is expected to play an active role in all of the faculty's work on its vision, strategy and organisation. The Head of Department is appointed by the Dean and represents the authority/employer within the framework of his/her department, and has combined responsibility for the organisation, its finances, personnel and working environment. The Head of Department is the senior manager in the department and takes charge of the department's management group, which includes other managers. Duties also include various forms of administration in various administrative systems. A high level of presence at the department is a prerequisite.

For the post as Head of Department:

Desirable qualifications:
- scientific or artistic competence, at least to doctoral level or equivalent, ideally as an associate professor or professor, as well as teaching skills. (Eligibility to be employed as a professor is defined in Chapter 4, Section 3 of the Higher Education Ordinance and in the University of Gothenburg's own Appointment Regulations).
- good skills in spoken and written English. As the organisation is to a large extent run in Swedish, you are expected to acquire Swedish skills during the first two years of your employment.

To succeed in your duties as Head of Department, we also expect you to have the following experience and abilities:
- good, documented managerial experience in higher education
- good skills in the areas of finance, public administration, HR and working environment issues from an employer's perspective
- the ability to represent and develop the organisation of which you are the head
- a strategic approach in questions of content, analytical ability and a holistic perspective
- leadership based on dialogue, acceptance and participation
- the ability to structure work duties and to create good working conditions
- the ability to delegate and give feedback clearly
- good communication skills and clarity of leadership
- the ability to manage issues relating to gender equality and equal treatment
- experience of research
- good knowledge of one or more of the subject areas covered by activities within HDK, both nationally and internationally, including issues relating to education and research
- a well-developed national and international network

As an individual, you have a strong drive combined with stamina when it comes to implementation, an ability to engender enthusiasm and inclusion, integrity and good self-awareness, and you are receptive and unassuming. You have an ability to handle complexity and to apply a holistic perspective.

Ingrid Elam, Dean,
Angelica Hörngren, HR Officer,

Expression of interest:
Please feel free to send your CV/list of qualifications as well as a personal letter to no later than 12 January 2015.