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17 Jan 2014

Call for Applications - Master Fine Arts (ZHdK)

Christoph Franz, Tankstelle

Department of Art & Media
Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)


Deadline for submission of application form:
March 28, 2014
Deadline for Portfolio submission:
April 15, 2014

Ulrich Görlich
+41 43 446 33 80

Zurich University of the Arts, Department of Art & Media
Ausstellungstrasse 60
8031 Zurich

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The Master of Arts in Fine Arts at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) occupies a strong position on the international scene. The main aims of our program are to promote and deepen individual and collaborative approaches to artistic and media practice, and their various strategies and procedures. Our MA in Fine Arts brings together artists, media authors, and theorists. Coursework focuses evenly on individual and/or collaborative development. The program is aimed at fostering creative individuals capable of practicing their authorship on a high aesthetic level, and who possess in-depth knowledge of artistic practice and the capacity for critical reflection on culture and society. Teaching faculty and departmental assistants see their work with our MA students as teamwork. Coursework combines artistic and theoretical work with discursive, critical practice, in order to create a pro­ductive and well-integrated working atmosphere to which staff and students make equal contributions. Upon successful completion, our graduates are capable of assuming active roles in the art system, the cultural and creative industries, cultural institutions, and higher education institutions.

Compared to other Swiss and international postgraduates courses in fine arts, our MA has four distinctive features: 

• it is open to candidates holding a Bachelor's degree in any field of study offered at institutions of higher education (universities of applied sciences and arts, other universities, tertiary education colleges), provided that candidates satisfy all other admissions requirements; 

• we welcome individual or collaborative (group) applications; 

• besides earning an MA degree for their artistic work, candidates may also specialize in theory (i.e., the theory of culture, art, and aesthetics); 

• candidates may also opt for a specialization in research as their MA degree.


Zurich University of the Arts is amongst the largest art schools in Europe. While firmly anchored in Greater Zurich, our influence extends well beyond Switzerland to the wider international stage. The school comprises state of the art facilities including production workshops, exhibition and performance spaces and a strong network to the international art community. As of September 2014, ZHdK will be moving into its brand new Campus Toni-Areal where all disciplines come together under one roof to enhance and foster a vivid atmosphere for transdisciplinary research and creation. Zurich as the cultural center for art in Switzerland provides a unique and vibrant cultural scene at the heart of Europe.


Deadline for application: March 28, 2014
(application form:

Deadline for portfolio submission: April 15, 2014

Admission Requirements


E-paper brochure


Zurich University of the Arts

Department of Art & Media

Master of Arts in Fine Arts

Főrrlibuckstrasse 62

8005 Zurich

Telephone +41 43 446 33 80