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18 Jan 2014

University of Applied Arts Vienna - Call for Application: Landscape Art

Photo: Clemens Schneider

Department of Landscape Art
University of Applied Arts Vienna


Requirement for approval: The application consists of 4 parts to be submitted: 1. Admission form 2. A portfolio encompassing studies, designs, concepts, etc. to show your interest and talent in landscape and art 3. A CV showing educational an professional achievements 4. A letter of intent, not to exceed a single A4 sheet, indicating personal history and reasons for applying. Applications are to be sent in digital form, pdf only, max. 10MB, to
Application from now on until:
Exam and interviews:
24.02.2014 – 28.02.2014
Start of programm:
1.10. 2014

Hannah Stippl

University of Applied Arts Vienna
Oskar Kokoschka Platz 2
1010 Vienna

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The Department of Landscape Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna calls for application.

Public urban spaces should inspire us, emotionally involve and engage us. The importance of the city as an entity is defining our lives and urban planners, architects and landscape designers have an aesthetic and spiritual responsibility when it comes to developing our inner city environments.

The Landscape Art course introduces students to 'The New Conceptualist Landscape' approach to developing and enhancing our urban public spaces. This new landscape strategy often involves unique experimental approaches and unorthodox methodologies of analysis towards exploring the nature of urban sites.

The conceptualist landscape practitioner may not be focusing on a grand urban master plan, but upon smaller scale landscape interventions in order to emotionally activate dead, numb urban areas that are so much part of our lives as city dwellers. We believe in the need to reintroduce conceptually driven spaces that are expressed through horticulture a well as with new materials that support the concept. These conceptually driven art-forms will have the capacity to emotionally activate urban space for both the individual and the collective group, in this respect there is a social agenda. The course intends to engage students by encouraging them to explore and develop more experimental artistic approaches to creating these landscapes.

This is the first international course that will enable students of many creative persuasions to focus and develop their talents through exploring landscape as an artistic medium in itself.

Martha Schwartz, Tim Richardson, Tony Heywood, Markus Jatsch
Visiting Professors