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21 Jan 2014

Het Entrepot: open call residency program Cut The Crap

Provincie West-Vlaanderen

Het Entrepot


Application deadline:
March 1st, 2014

Dave Van Robays

Het Entrepot
Binnenweg 4
8000 Brugge

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'Gone West' is a project organized by the province of West-Flanders (Belgium) dedicated to the commemoration of The Great War (1914-1918). Het Entrepot is launching the residential program 'Cut The Crap (C.T.C.)' for artists from around the world working in the field of visual arts. This program will last five years. Every year two artists will be invited to come and work in Het Entrepot. During two months artists will have the chance to research, develop and create an art project. This project will be presented at Het Entrepot and might include an intervention in the public/urban space which will relate to the subject of the residency in response to the environment and to the history of the region.

War and conflict is still a reality for many people in today's world, just as it was for those people who lived hundred years ago. 'C.T.C.' is Het Entrepot's artistic component of the commemoration and presents a contemporary reading of the impact of conflict and its causes and consequences which will be revealed through visual arts, multidisciplinary in its nature. Over a period of five years Het Entrepot would like to focus on different themes in relation to the notion of 'conflict'.

We kindly invite young artists to research their position towards the greater theme of conflict in the arts and in our globalized world. Het Entrepot is looking for projects that are clearly developed based on a social engagement or which are conceived from the necessity to respond to a particular problem or conflict (in relation to 'History'). The residential program invites the following contemporary disciplines: painting, drawing, sculptures, photography, video, multimedia, mixed media, performance and audio art.


OUT LOUD focuses on how the conflict of war gets started, with special attention on censorship and communication. OUT LOUD explores the various ways in which communication methods are being used during times of crisis or conflict. Disinformation and the manipulation of facts and figures are often the starting point of a greater conflict.

Through different channels the public is given an enormous amount of information but how much of that information is correct and reliable? Is what we see and hear true? And what about the events that don't reach us and that we never get to see? We challenge artists to research and explore this theme. Artists working within this framework, whether they deal with contemporary global conflicts or research the historical dynamics of the First Great War, are welcome to take part in this program.

The residency program will start on September 1th 2014 and will last 8 weeks. A first public exhibition/performance of the project is planned on October 24th 2014. The deadline for applications of this first year of the CTC residency is March 1th 2014.


Year 1: Oct - Dec 2014: OUT LOUD
> focuses on how the conflict of war gets started, with special attention on censorship and communication.

Year 2: Apr -May 2015: FAINT HERO
> focuses on human behavior. The subjects of duty, honor and patriotism are being investigated.

Year 3: Aug- Sept 2016: SILENT SPEECH
> focuses on stories from different people, soldiers and civilians, involved in conflict.

Year 4: Aug- Nov 2017: MINED MIND
> focuses on trauma and the psychological effects of war on people.

Year 5: Jul- Aug 2018: FAST FORWARD
> focuses on the future, rebuilding a nation, positive developments.


This program focuses on young professional and emerging artists, under the age of 35. The application should include a well-defined project proposal (max. 2 pages), a thoroughly calculated budget, a preferred time frame, a CV and a portfolio.

Please send images and/or video links. Send all information to Dave Van Robays (


There are 5 application dates:

March 1st, 2014 (year 1: Oct/Dec 2014)
June 1st, 2014 (year 2: April/May 2015)
January 1st, 2015 (year 3: Aug/Sep 2016)
January1st, 2016 (year 4: Sep/Nov 2017)
December 1st, 2017 (year 5: July/Aug 2018)


Het Entrepot will provide free accommodation for foreign artists for two months (a maximum of two artists per project). Het Entrepot will also provide a production budget and will be assisting with travel funds. Het Entrepot will be unable to assist with artists fees/costs, but can is- sue an official letter of invitation. A daily allowance during the residence period is included.


Het Entrepot in the sea harbor of Bruges (Belgium) is a creative art lab for young artists who need time and space to create and to experiment. Everyone working with photography, video, music, theatre, dance, performance, graphic design and other creative media, is welcome.

Het Entrepot facilitates and supports young, upcoming artists and stimulates cross-cultural and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Het Entrepot is a non-profit organization, located in an old customs warehouse at the sea harbor near the historical city of Bruges, Belgium. The large building houses several different work spaces that are used by artists and musicians to rehearse and create.