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09 Jan 2014

n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal

n.paradoxa front cover vol.33

volume 33 Religion (Jan 2014)
n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal


latest volume of n.paradoxa Vol. 33 January 2014 Religion £9 UK/Europe; £12.50 USA/RoW

Katy Deepwell

KT press
38 Bellot Street
London SE10 0AQ

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Volume 33 of n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal explores the work of contemporary women artists whose work examines religious subjects, readings and themes. The volume takes a multi-faith, multi-denominational, trans-generational and trans-national view of this subject, drawing on diverse religions from Buddhism, Tangri, Sufism, Christianity, Judaism, paganism and matriarchal cults and cultures. Topics include sacrilege, freedom of expression and women's role in a variety of religious faiths and belief systems.

Editorial by Katy Deepwell

Ayelet Zohar discusses 'Yayoi Kusama: The Jewel, the Mirror and the String of Beads' and explores her work in relation to Japanese Shinto Buddhism, rather than the more familiar attribution of 'Zen'.

Barbara Kutis on 'Confronting Catholic Ideals: Elzbieta Jablonska, Katarzyna Kozyra, Dorota Nieznalska' explores the controversies surrounding the public display of works by these artists in Poland.

Zehra Jumabhoy 'Of Voyages and Vetiver: A Conversation with Zarina Hashmi' discusses her work in relation to Sufism.

Lieke Wijnia on 'The Last Supper as portrayed in the work of Marlene Dumas, Mary Beth Edelson and Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin'

Judy Batalion interviews the Jewish eco-feminist artist 'Helène Aylon' on 20 years of her practice.

Mirjam Westen interviews Kazhakstan artist Almagul Menlibayeva about her belief in prophets and Tangrism. As she states in the interview, 'Women always bring problems to religions...'

Michelle Moravec on 'Performing Prehistory: Would you rather be a goddess or a cyborg?': This article explores Cheri Gaulke and Anne Gauldin's Malta Project from 1978 which was a performance made in Malta about leaving Catholicism and exploring matriarchy.

Julian Vigo interviews Elaine Sturtevant and discusses questions of Religion/Sacrilege, copyright and repetition.


Photo Features on the exhibitions: 'Female Power' (Arnhem: MMKA, 2013) and 'The Beginning is Always Today' (Saarlandets Museum, 2013)

Artist's Pages, where artists present their projects:

Lou Cabeen 'Public Display' - a project based on sightings of the Virgin Mary of Guadelupe in the USA

Oreet Ashery 'Party for Freedom' - a performance/video/installation work dedicated to a critique of specific aspects of Western ideas of Freedom.

Mathilde ter Heijne 'Experimental Archaeology: Goddess Worship' - an installation/re-enactment project exploring the possibility of communication with prehistoric cultures, including matriarchies.

Paula Levine 'as if the laws were malleable' - an artwork consisting of bookworks made from the Bibles.

This volume is financially supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, New York.

n.paradoxa is published two times a year (Jan and July) and its content is available in print and electronic form.Print and Electronic subscriptions are available.

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