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07 Jan 2014

Open Call: GROSSES TREFFEN Deadline 21.1.2014

GROSSES TREFFEN - Nordic Artists meet Berlin Curators
Nordic Embassies Berlin
Artistic Director Solvej Helweg Ovesen


GROSSES TREFFEN Nordic Embassies Felleshus 27 April 2014
Application deadline:
21 January 2014

Artistic Coordinator Kordula Fritze-Srbic

Nordic Embassies
Rauchstraße 1
10787 Berlin

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OPEN CALL deadline 21 January, 2014, for Nordic artists wishing to strengthen their network in the Berlin art scene.

Event: 27 April at Felleshus Nordic Embassies Berlin

Großes Treffen | Stormöte | Suuri kokous | Stort møte | Listastefna | Stormøde is a one day network event that offers the opportunity for Finnish, Swedish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Greenlandic, Faroese and Danish visual artists (also performers, sound artists, artists who create public artworks and interventions as well as designers and architects working within the visual arts field) to do portfolio presentations and get acquainted with key agents of Berlin's art scene according to their specific interests.

The Nordic Embassies will host the event where 60 to 80 artists will be given the chance to meet a number of prominent Berlin-based curators representing a selection of vibrant art institutions, residency organisations, and festivals. A jury will preselect the participating artists based on their submitted portfolios. The event is organised by the Nordic Embassies and conceived by Solvej Helweg Ovesen.

Organized by the Nordic Embassies. Concept by Solvej Helweg Ovesen.

Participating Berlin-based REVIEWERS:
Oliver Baurhenn / CTM-Festival, General Public
Katja Blomberg / Haus am Waldsee
Ellen Blumenstein / KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Carson Chan / Program
Rhea Gaardboe Dall / PRAXES
Matthias Einhoff / ZK/U Centre for Art and Urbanistics
Anselm Franke / Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Kristoffer Gansing / transmediale
Sophie Goltz / n.b.k.
Susanne Husse / District Kunst- und Kulturförderung
Christy Lange / frieze d/e
Nora Mayr / insitu
Doreen Mende / Freelance Curator
Bonaventure Ndikung / Savvy Contemporary
Maud Piquion / Freelance Artist Manager
Heiko Pfreundt / Kreuzberg Pavillion
Aenne Quiñones / HAU Hebbel am Ufer
Lorenzo Sandoval / Altes Finanzamt
Virve Sutinen / Tanz im August
Antje Weitzel / uqbar

please email us your application as pdf to consisting of:
- filled out application form (download here)
- portfolio + CV (maximum 10 pictures, 12 pages, and 3 MB)
Please name the application file(s) as follows: first country code (DK, FI, IS, NO, GL or SE), then your last name and first name, e. g. SE_Johansson_ Lars.pdf. If there are more files, please keep the same filename yet add a number in the end.

René Block
Carson Chan
Solvej Helweg Ovesen

Artistic Director: Solvej Helweg Ovesen
Nordic Embassies Team: Birgitte Tovborg Jensen (DK), Lena Kingelin (FI), Soffia Gunnarsdóttir (IS), Ida Svingen Mo (NO), and Mareike Röper (SE)
Artistic Coordinator: Kordula Fritze-Srbic
Graphic Design: Studio Manuel Reader