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26 Aug 2013

Augmented Spatiality. Sound Art and Public Space (Stockholm)

Augmented Spatiality


Opening: August 30 - 7pm Open: 30 August - 5 September Seminar. Sound Art & Public Space. September 3 - 4-7pm

María Andueza
+46 704 945 059

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Augmented spatiality has been conceived as a public sound art project for the suburb of Hökarängen in Stockholm in which the artworks, performances and other events are integrated into the social and spatial processes taking place in the public sphere. Addressing on the formation of social space in the city, the project aims to reflect on the ways in which public art and sound creation is assimilated or not by the networks operating in a specific place.

The geographer and urban planner Edward Soja coined the term 'Spatiality' in 1980 to refer to the quality of the space that is inherently social. Having other terms in language related to the spatial, Soja invented this one to denote the space that was produced as a result of the social life. He reflected that way on the production and organization of the social space following the previous work on the topic by Henri Lefebvre.

Augmented Spatiality has grown as a collaborative framework of artists, citizens, institutions and public structures in order that the project itself and its development may highlight the ongoing cultural, educational, economical and political events in this suburb of Stockholm. Different topics covering critical walks, gentrification processes, the idea of the local and variations in time of the soundscape and the landscape make of the project a ground of experimentation whose results will be experienced mainly through the listening sensitivity in Hökarängen, a suburb whose history and present time have additionally shaped the whole process.

The project features:

Trond Lossius, Cecilia Jonsson, Ivan Argote, Jacek Smolicki.

Hong-Kai Wang, Gentrified Improvisation, Jacek Smolicki, Konsthall323, Playing the Space

LISTENING SECTION: Acoustic Mirror, Pablo Sanz, Katrinem, O+A, Peter Cusack, Anna Raimondo, Younes Baba-ali, Simohammed Fettaka, Mohamed Laouli, Edu Comelles, Juanjo Palacios, Chinowsky Garachana, Albert Murillo, Raúl Hinojosa

The listening section has been created/curated as a collaborative process. To start the process some artists were invited to start simultaneously 3 different columns (chains) for which they have contributed a piece, and have invited the following artist repeating the same step till reaching a fifth contributor. This process address the contextual sound creation linked to urban issues, social space and as well to political questions related to the listening. It aims at visualizing some of the networks and the different approaches operating when working this broad topic.

'Sound Art and Public Space' (Arkitekturmuseet)
Speakers: Barbara London (associate curator at MOMA), Ramon Parramon (director IDENSITAT project) and Sam Auinger (sound artist and theoretician)


7pm: Oath of love. Hong-Kai Wang (Vävstolen, Pepparvägen 9a - Hökarängen)

31 August
7pm: Mini-seminar from the trunk – Konsthall323 (outside Konsthall C)
8pm: Gentrified Improvisation - Pannrummet - Konsthall C (Cigarrvägen 14, Hökarängen)

3 September
4-7pm: Seminar: Arkitekturmuseet
Sound Art and Public Space (Speakers: Barbara London, Sam Auinger, Ramón Parramón (Idensitat)

4 September

5pm: Playing the Space - Sound Walk. Workshop & performance - Main square, Hökarängen

5 September
6pm Jacek Smolicki - Hökarängen project. – Cigarrvägen13 – Hökarängen
8pm - Listening section Konstapoteket Hökarängen

Curator: María Andueza

Project supported by:

Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design (CuratorLab)
EMS - Elektronmusikstudion
Spanish Embassy
Polish Institute
Taiwan Ministry of Culture
BEK Bergen Center for Electronic Arts
Bergen Kommune
Nordic Baltic Mobility Programme