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14 Apr 2013

Barracão Maravilha’s International Residency program 2013 Open Call is coming to a close

Deadline: Wednesday 22nd May 2013
Barracao Maravilha Arte Contemporânea


Deadline for applications:
22nd May 2013
Please email: an application pack.
Online brochure


Barracao Maravilha Arte Contemporânea
Avenida Gomes Freire 242
Centro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ

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Barracão Maravilha’s International Residency program 2013 Open Call is coming to a close.

Deadline: Wednesday 22nd May 2013

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity open to artists, curators and academics from the whole world who wish to explore their practice in a vibrant and challenging new context; meet new people, materials and experience first hand what it is like to live and work in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

This residency is aimed at autonomous professionals who wish to expand their knowledge and challenge their practice on an international level. Individuals who wish to immerse themselves in the fabric of the city, produce and present new work.

The program offers a professional mentor active in the contemporary art scene such as a renowned artist or curator. The mentor will follow the artist-in-residence's progress with a view to help them realize a public presentation of the work carried out during the residency which can be in the format of a text, exhibition, talk or workshop.
For more information and an application pack please email us:
Online brochure: