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04 Apr 2013

Netwerk / center for contemporary art: Gábor Ősz / Leen Voet

Gábor Ősz, still from: Blow-up (2010)

Courtesy: Gallery Loevenbruck, Paris

Gábor Ősz - Three by Three / Leen Voet - Sint-Rita
Netwerk / center for contemporary art


Opening Sa 06.04 20:00 Exhibition Su 07.04 → Su 16.06 open Tu → Fr: 11:00 → 18:00 / Sa → Su: 14:00 → 18:00 open during events and concerts, closed on holidays


+32 53 709 773
+32 53 709 772

Netwerk / center for contemporary art
Houtkaai z/n
B-9300 Aalst

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Leen Voet

With the solo exhibition Sint-Rita, artist Leen Voet (° 1971, BE) will present completely new works. Departing from an object-based fascination for the sacred interior, she utilizes a number of churches with particularly modern architecture from the sixties and seventies as inspiration for a new series of paintings and sculptures. The contrast between the brute materiality of the sculptures and extroverted temperament of the paintings, offers a comprehensive installation on the field of tension between control and irrationality.

Gábor Ősz
Three by Three

The solo exhibition Three by Three by the Hungarian artist, Gábor Ősz (°1962, lives and works in Amsterdam) gives a fairly comprehensive and varied overview of his oeuvre. The space in Netwerk offers the artist the opportunity to display a balanced selection of existing photographs and films of the last decade, in addition to a monumental projection of the new work Das Fenster.

Gábor Ősz's work is based on a fascination with the observation of reality and the relationship between man and the space that surrounds him. Through the use of analogue photographic processes, such as the camera obscura and the pinhole technique, a body of subdued and aesthetically sharp profiled photographic work has arisen. A constant factor is the reflection upon the moment when an image is created and it's thus becoming perceived as such. In his most recent film work, he takes the self-referential aspect of the film process as a starting point: how to create images and how they generate each other.

In relation to this exhibition, MER. Paper Kunsthalle will issue a monographic publication.