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01 Apr 2013

Filipe Alarcão at EMPTY CUBE project

© Filipe Alarcão



One night exhibition 02 April 2013 - open at 10 pm

Joao Silverio
+ 351 919379652

Rua Acácio de Paiva, 27 R/c
1700-004 Lisboa

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EMPTY CUBE returns to the Appleton Square gallery, in Lisbon, with the presentation, on April 2nd 2013, of a work by designer Filipe Alarcão. The project was especially conceived for this event, which consists of a single, unrepeatable presentation. The title of this ephemeral work, 'EMPTY CUBE', both appropriates the curatorial project's appellation and refers to its conceptual and spatial context. In other words, the artist's intervention focuses on the built structure of EMPTY CUBE and on its relationship with the space of the gallery within which the event is held.

Filipe Alarcão introduces a geometric element that brings a perceptive and sensorial change to the structure of the temporary space used for the presentation of the projects, recontextualising that same space and its surroundings without exceeding the scale and proportions of the architectural object it has appropriated.

'EMPTY CUBE' is a reflection on the mechanisms of representation, viewed and considered from the standpoint of a revaluation of space and its organic potential in which architecture acts as a pretext to evoke such techniques of illusionistic representation in painting as the mise en abyme, which displays here its cinematic qualities: images and space prolong themselves, without the aid of technological devices, within that same recontextualised space.