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22 Feb 2013

Ora International: 10 Worldwide Galleries from New York to Hong Kong Seek New Artists.

The award allows 10 artists (emerging or mid-career) to have a solo show and a steady collaboration with one of the 10 International galleries participating in the project. Open to all artists, without restriction of any age, nationality or technique.


Applying for these opportunity is possible up until, and including 10-04-2013.




Associazione Radar
via Bortolazzi, 57
30027 San Donà di Piave (VE)

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ORA INTERNATIONAL aims to to connect artists and galleries, creating new professional relationships. Do you want to work with a new gallery in Amsterdam or Moscow, in Nice or in Boston? Each of the 10 galleries, all based in a different city and country, will select a winner who will be offered the chance to stage a solo show starting a relationship based on a concrete, real interest. The award is open to all artists, without restriction of any age, nationality or technique. Visit our website to read the terms, get the details on the jury and sign up your artworks.

All kind of artworks will be accepted as entries, including those already presented in other exhibitions and competitions. The prize is not divided into sections and all forms of artistic expression are accepted, with no restrictions in terms of materials and media used, dimensions or subject matter. Artists may participate with an unlimited number of works, following the procedure indicated in the entry form section of this site. All works will remain the property of the artists. The artists will be able to independently manage all their own information by themselves, change their personal data, delete and add files throughout the entire duration of the award. It is not necessary that the works submitted for the award will remain available. The artists chosen as winners will create a new project for them solo exhibition and will be free to use the presented works or to show new ones.

The basic registration fee required as partial coverage for organizational expenses has been set at 60 euros (sixty/00) for three works. Each additional work has a cost of 5 euros (five/00). It is possible to register an unlimited number of works, remove and add them even after the time of enrollment for the entire period of the prize. All movement coud be done individually by the artists, controlling their own personal page.

For details please check our website: www.premio-ora.it
You will find a description of our offer and the submission procedure. Please address further questions or comments to our staff, through info@premio-ora.it