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22 Feb 2013

Thircuir Books presents the Chinese Contemporary Photography series

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The Chinese Contemporary Photography series
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Thircuir Books is pleased to announce the six first titles of its Chinese Contemporary Photography Series: colorful pocket-sized monograph introducing the works of the main players in the Chinese photography scene.

Thircuir Books is a Hong-Kong based publishing house specialized in contemporary arts and culture from China. Through our books, we offer a clearer, simpler, more playful vision to help anyone understand not only China's thought, but also discover the amazing multiplicity and diversity of ideas and practices shaking the country today and shaping its future.

We are starting our editorial journey with photography, as we believe it is one of the best mirrors of today's China. Emerging talents or established artists, Chinese photographers published by Thircuir bookscreate their very own reality and transcend the codes of photography to better represent and think the world surrounding us.

Available today
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>>Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin is the art phenomenon of the year and undoubtedly one of the most famous Chinese contemporary artists. For each of his works, Liu Bolin stands still for hours, being meticulously painted to melt into his surroundings before having the photograph taken. Like a Chameleon, Liu Bolin appears and disappears in his images. Far from being merely playful, Liu Bolin's performances go beyond a simple game of hide-and-seek to make us notice what we no longer see in the world.

>>Wang Qingsong

Wang Qingsong's over-scaled photographs, requiring hundreds of models and weeks of labor to build, his gigantic stages are redefining the scale of photography. His works are like still narratives of China's mutation over the last few decades. Combining a pop and kitsch aesthetic with humor, Wang Qingsong tackles the main issues challenging his country and the world today. He is a reference in Chinese contemporary art and his works have been shown all around the world.

>>Yang Yongliang

Yang Yongliang, China's most promising young photographer was born in Shanghai. The mutations of his city have given him the inspiration for his highly detailed photomontages, iconic witnesses of an ever changing world where the city takes over nature, skyscrapers replace trees and cranes continuously reshape the environment. Ecologic fables swarming with detail, Yang Yongliang's photomontages link China's past with its unique modernity, and point forward toward a disconcerting, disorienting future.

>>Chen Jiagang

Chen Jiagang went to the former industrial compounds built in central cities of China during the sixties (The Third Front). Trying to capture the specters of industry that still reside there, his pictures tell the sad story of these cities, which in their time were the incarnation of the social ideal, the glory of the country but which have since become useless industrial cemeteries and endless wastelands… Making use of a distorted wide-angle lens, a neutral color palate and at times a deliberately bland yet stunningly detailed compositions afforded by the use of the world largest camera, Chen Jiagang is fully engaged in a realist but narrative documentation of abandoned and desolate landscapes and the scars left by time and neglect on such regions.

>>Song Chao

Song Chao was nineteen when he arrived at the coal mine. Three years later he discovered photography. After a year of study, he completed his very first deeply moving series that gained him international recognition. This series took him out of the mine in Shandong province to the global art stage. Seen by many as the Chinese 'Avedon' his works reconnect with the greatests masters of photography. Filled with a deep humanity, Song Chao's photographs go far beyond the documentary to open the theatre of human emotions. Considered one of the 50 photographers of tomorrow.

>>Yang Yong

Halfway between Nan Goldin and Wong Kar Wai, Yang Yong is composing the diary of the new Chinese youth. Shenzhen; the iconic new city without a past is the theatre of his works. It is a city of artifice, a symbol of China's rebirth, attracting the hopes and dreams of this generation. Through his cinematic images, Yang Yong seizes the voids and the superficiality of the new desires of this burgeoning consumer society. His poetic and colorful works reflect with grace the wanderings of a generation adrift in a society that escapes them.

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Books from the Chinese contemporary Photography series are offered from only $12,90 or £8.90

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Thircuir Books are available all around the world and are distributed by Turnaround-Uk (UK+Europe+Asia), the Independent Publishers Group (USA+Canada) and GEODIF (France).

Please contact us for more information