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26 Jan 2013

d i n g u m / The Previous Performance Show / January 26th and 27th

The Previous Performance Show


Saturday January 26th 2-7pm Sunday January 27th 2-7pm
Please check website for performance schedule


Altonaer Strasse 1
10557 Berlin

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As the last show at the Eternithaus before moving to new grounds, d i n g u m is proud to announce a performance-only weekend. As with prior d i n g u m shows, 'The Previous Performance Show' will explore the ephemeral and time-based character of the weekend, giving each of the invited artist a fixed time slot. All used materials will remain in the space as traces, obstacles, sets or sculptures of previous performances.

Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff install audience benches, Vittorio Brodmann performs an act of stand-up comedy, Judith Hopf will show "Construction of Youth", Marco Bruzzone and & Ligia Manuela Lewis perform a choreography for agave plants, slammers and humans in an anti-gravity journey, Nik Kosmas serves a dish from the menu of his new restaurant, Peter Kortmann carrying out the physical act of renewing the tone, Yuki Higashino holds an architect’s PowerPoint presentation as a black metal concert, Trisha Baga opens her web-archive and Trevor Lee Larson plays a sound transcription of his dreams. Rupert Smyth creates a print work to accompany the show.

Saturday January 26th

-----      Rupert Smyth
3pm      Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff
4pm      Vittorio Brodmann
5pm      Judith Hopf
6pm      Marco Bruzzone & Ligia Manuela Lewis

Sunday January 27th

3pm      Nik Kosmas (AIDS-3D)
4pm      Peter Kortmann
5pm      Yuki Higashino
6pm      Trisha Baga
7pm      Trevor Lee Larson

Tiergarten Eins, Altonaer Strasse 1, 10557 Berlin