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18 Jan 2013

Estudio Nómada & SCREEN from Barcelona: Call for Artists

We built this city - Gotic City SCREEN
Estudio Nómada & SCREEN from Barcelona


Apply with a portfolio, bio and a proposal for the work to be produced in Estudio Nómada during the artist in studio.
The deadline for submissions
is 30th January.
The Artist in Studio will be from 15 February to 31 July 2013.
The work will shown during SCREEN festival, between 16 - 25 May 2013

Arnout Krediet

Estudio Nómada
c./ la palma de sant just 7
08002 Barcelona

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SCREEN from BARCELONA is a platform dedicated to the moving image in contemporary art. Through partnerships with leading international agents they generate projects that materialize in different formats and locations, such as the SCREEN Festival and LOOP. Estudio Nómada, an independent art collective and art school in Barcelona & Hong Kong, collaborates in the organisation of the SCREEN Festival 2013 with Gòtic City SCREEN, which seeks to activate the fabric of the ancient city quarter of Barcelona around video creation.

For the 2013 edition, Estudio Nómada launches a call for artists consisting of an Artist in Studio, a five months residency in Estudio Nómada to produce a video installation to be exhibited in the framework of SCREEN Festival 2013. The theme for 2013 is We built this City; the proposal we are looking for is a video installation that reflects the artist presence in the Barrio Gótico.


The exhibition will be held during SCREEN Festival which is the umbrella for numerous Video Art events in Barcelona. Amongst them the renown LOOP fair, where top galleries from all over the world are represented. Being one of the main video art events worldwide, SCREEN Festival attracts a large audience.
In specific neighborhoods in Barcelona pilot organizations organize events that intend to illuminate the city. Estudio Nómada is responsible for lighting up the ancient Gotic district in collaboration with a local art academy and galleries.
Between 16th and 25th and May 2013, SCREEN Festival will celebrate its tenth edition and again, with more reason than ever, will transform Barcelona into the essential international event for professionals and lovers of art practices related to video, film and new media.

The Festival program, presented in various venues throughout the city, is generated by inviting international platforms, curators and institutions to collaborate with local actors, both of them involved and proactive with regards to moving image. Thereby, Barcelona becomes a privileged place for the discovery of contemporary creative strategies and an opportunity for the participants to interact.

Dissemination in different spaces and programming through collaboration are hallmarks of SCREEN Festival and distinguish it from a usual festival format.

On the one hand, exhibits, screenings and events are presented, but most of all organized, in collaboration with the various art venues that participate in each edition. Among the space that regularly take part in the festival (over 50) there are well-known institutions like MACBA, Antoni Tàpies Foundation, Miró Foundation, Arts Santa Monica, the Suñol Foundation or La Virreina centre de la imatge, as well as galleries, production platforms, such as Estudio Nómada, or alternative independent spaces such as Halfhouse or Homesession, among many others. We have also presented specific projects in theatres, the Maritime Museum or Liceu, Barcelona's opera house, when required.

On the other hand, the festival functions as a platform of platforms. To develop its programme SCREEN Festival gets in touch with professionals, collectives, spaces and local and international institutions which are closely involved in moving image, in order to put together collaborative projects. Rather than working directly with artists or works, we select and contact platforms, individuals or projects and invite them to curate exhibitions, screenings, talks and events. Then, SCREEN Festival 's role is to allocate a space to each project so that the conceptual and spatial characteristics of the former are related or are sensitive to that precise project.

SCREEN from Barcelona
SCREEN FROM BARCELONA is a platform dedicated to moving image in contemporary art. Through partnerships with leading international agents, generates projects that materialize in different formats and locations, such as SCREEN Festival and LOOP.
SCREEN Festival and LOOP Fair are held annually in spring and are the source of SFB, but the platform remains active throughout the year by organizing several activities. These annual projects, like First Screen dedicated to presenting artists premieres once a month, but also timely, as audiovisual cycles which are developed around and in line with exhibition programs.

Estudio Nómada
Estudio Nómada is a working, learning, and exhibition complex for travelling artists. In studios in Barcelona and Hong Kong, artists and students collaborate, inspire and learn from each other. They actively take part in and organize art events to help nomadic artists to interact with the local culture. In the ancient centre of Barcelona, art classes are given, art events are organized and artist work in residency.

Please submit by sending us:
* your up-to-date portfolio
* your cv or bio
* the proposal for Gòtic City SCREEN 2013

The deadline for submissions is 30th January. The Artist in Studio will be from 15 February to 31 July. For applications and further questions you can email curators Iris Tonies & Arnout Krediet through

* during the Artist in Studio the artist will work with or guide our students (max. 14) for a daypart a week
* the artist should be able to speak English
* submissions present a work that has not been shown before
* we offer all tools available in Estudio Nómada, further materials & tools are at the expense of the artist
* the expense of the exhibition are at the cost of Estudio Nómada