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07 Jan 2013

Binderfresh at House of Arts, Bratislava

© Binderfresh, Slovaks, relax, 2012

BINDERFRESH (Viktor Frešo & Erik Binder):
When Two Like You
House of Arts, Bratislava


08.01. - 10.02.2013 Opening: 08.01.2013 from 18.00 h.


House of Arts, Bratislava
Námestie SNP 12
812 34 Bratislava

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Art group Binderfresh (Viktor Frešo and Erik Binder) was established in 2004 in Bratislava, as a very strong and artistically free cooperation.Combination of different approaches (playful, street art figural expression of Erik Binder and conceptual gestic expression of Viktor Frešo) helped in creating a very original area on art scene and formed a kind of writing, which is very typical for Binderfresh.This is a free, critical, humorous approach with undertone of specific reasons and concepts that show a situation on the art scene. The ambition of the group is to create a powerful, visual experience with a certain irony, wit and lightness for a viewer, especially in the spirit of the idea: 'Slovaks, relax ...'.
1: Binderfresh, definitely shake, don't stirr!
Alexandra Kusá

2: They always make me think about what art is, where are its boundaries and if crossing them is not art anymore, and so, even if they work together.
Mira Sikorova Putišová

3: Binderfresh - frosty breath of today, in the time when art history rots, ironical playful vipers are dancing.
Vladimír Beskid

4: Transmodern painting 'speculate on the worms nibbling the public soul' (Binderfresh) is not sleek, academic, masterly, it happily crosses the rules of art, and it is an open game for me.
Gabriela Garlatyová

5: It's all about art.
Lucia Gavulová

6: Binderfresh, we want cash!   
Nina Gažovičová
7: Common artistic initiatives and 'provoking' proclamations, which wanted to shake with Slovak public and wake her from hibernation (although there was not a lot of it here), they have their history: from private letters of Galanda and Fulla ('... we see our intellectuals, as they ironically grin to the reality of picture ...') perhaps to Binderfresh ('... we think of worms nibbling the public soul ...') will the last named also turn words into (fresh) acts ?!...
Katarína Bajcurová

8: Binderfresh is a combination of two different areas; pure playfulness and outright egocentrism.      
Barbora Geržová

9: Binderfresh is a combination of two distinct individualities into a brand of chewing gum that does not end 'in waste basket', but sticks and layers different flavors and off-tastes of toxic spray paint.
Vladimíra Büngerová

10: Binderfresh is exactly what you want, double headshot is what you get.
Omar Mirza

11: With all due respect, nothing serious can be written about it – I see Binderfresh as gag of two guys.
Katarína Müllerová

12: Binderfresh an unlucky paint attempt of two ambitious conceptualists, a single sentence to write about which would be ...
Juraj Čarný

13: Fragile balance of childish joy, fake naivety with strike of radical artistic gesture and strong criticism of our world.
Katarína Slaninová

14: Binderfresh a stroboscopic, preventive, purpose-oriented, exploitable, chequered, lurking, condensative, billing, prohibitory, substitutive, allergic, residential, copulatory, thermodynamic, precise, Maoist, southeastern, chiropractic, valorisational, ferro-concrete, commanded, socio-integrational, trained, reactional, festive, loaded, biographical, gas supplied, rescue, palaeobotanical, boyish, gastroscopic, political, obsessive, artistic, dissertational, millionaire, prudent, yellow-white, retroactive, cryptographic, transfixed, inverse, Jehovistic, certified, kilogram, spreadable, immediate, maniacal, Swedish, abrupt, pornographic, chronic and comfortable.
Peter Tajkov

15: They are as book of rare descriptions of fluttering cowards.
Ľuboslav Moza

16: God save the art = Binderfresh.
Katarína Beňová

17: High lime-trees can grow even at a small backyard.
Ivana Moncoľová

18: Finally, everything will be successful.
Lida Pribišová